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1200mm Pivot Shower Door Enclosures

Space. We all want more of it, especially when it comes to our homes. Nobody wants to feel cramped, especially when getting into and out of their shower enclosures in the morning. Don’t worry, we can help. Our range of pivot shower doors are sleek, luxurious and have an array of sparkling style, while also giving you the space you need. Made for showers of all sizes, the chrome-look pivot doors are fully reversible so you can choose which way they open, have tempered safety glass of 4mm or 6mm thickness and are designed to fit onto alcove-style showers, or used with a single side pane to create a corner shower. Fall in love with the contemporary styles as you reclaim the luxury and calm at the heart of your home. With a range of styles to choose from, and a selection of heights to match your individual shower space, the aesthetically brilliant and practically perfect pivot shower doors from top brands such as Luxura and Mira give you the shower experience you deserve.