Mira Shower Spares

There’s nothing better than a powerful shower that’s in full working order. And on the flip side there’s nothing worse than a half-hearted shower that feels like it’s about to fall apart. It’s unlikely that your Mira shower would ever reach this sort of state with high-quality materials used to build each piece, but sometimes parts do need replacing. To assist you with this we like to ensure as many spare parts are available in our Mira Shower Spares section, keeping your shower up and running for as long as possible.

  1. Mira Shower Seats

    Mira Shower Seats

    From £71.49
    with 2 choices
  2. Mira Shower Heads

    Mira Shower Heads

    From £37.02
    with 2 choices
  3. Mira Excel Shower Spares

    Mira Excel Shower Spares

    From £26.36
    with 2 choices
  4. Mira 723 Shower Spares

    Mira 723 Shower Spares

    From £8.37
    with 2 choices
  5. Mira 88 Shower Spares

    Mira 88 Shower Spares

    From £13.99
    with 3 choices
  6. Mira 415 Shower Spares

    Mira 415 Shower Spares

    From £14.67
    with 3 choices
  7. Mira 722 Shower Spares

    Mira 722 Shower Spares

    From £18.41
    with 4 choices
  8. Mira Response Shower Spares

    Mira Response Shower Spares

    From £17.05
    with 1 choices
  9. Mira Logic Shower Spares

    Mira Logic Shower Spares

    From £6.36
    with 3 choices
  10. Mira Agile Shower Spares

    Mira Agile Shower Spares

    From £37.46
    with 3 choices
  11. Mira Adept Shower Spares

    Mira Adept Shower Spares

    From £39.83
    with 1 choices


Mira Excel Spares Cartridge Assembly (903.33)

Mira Excel Cartridge

Mira's latest cartridge has a small number of design improvements that make fitting and temperature setting child's play. Service from Boundary was excellent as well. Price, like all after market spares, is outrageous, but I do get a warm glowing feeling in the knowledge that I have helped all the pensioners dependent on Mira in Worcester to finance another cup of tea and a nice new pair of slippers.

Madelyn Finley

Mira Slide Rail Brackets - Clamp Bracket (411.23)

Just the part!

I needed a part for my shower and was delighted that Plumbworld had the exact item therefore I did not need to buy a new shower. It was a very simple and easy purchase and delivery was quick. I had no problems at all. Even after the sale Plumbworld were very attentive in ensuring that I was satisfied with my purchase. Well done Plumbworld!


Mira Slide Rail Brackets - Clamp Bracket (411.23)

Good price Excellent service.

Purchased the above item from you as you were the cheapest available. The original Mira Slide rail lasted 9 years so this one should see the shower out. Buying from plumbworld was easy and the item arrived by ffirst class mail the next working day. I would recomend you for all plumbing requirements with out hesitation.

Savion Andrade

Mira 415 Spares Black Cartridge Assembly (902.55)

Big Thanks

A massive thanks for providining this and being able to ship to Jersey. Saved me a fortune by buying online opposed to local. Great sales services and excellent after sales service and will recommmend plumbworld to friends and family. All in all very pleased with service, product and price.


Mira 88 Spares Service Pack (936.12)

Saved a fortune

Having problems with the shower and thought it needed replacing. Quick search on website showed up maintenance kit. Delivered in a couple of days, fitted next day, all the parts were correct and fitted, shower working again properly - really good value for money


Mira 415 Spares Black Cartridge Assembly (902.55)


Unfortunately I ordered wrong item and had to return, but was very impressed with the quick response and refund, so impressed that after having a what the heck moment decided to redo my shower and went onto order new shower, tray, and enclosure!!!

Margaret Hallett

Mira 88 Spares Service Pack (936.12)

Small item purchase

I was most satisfied with the service supplied by Plumbworld for even a minor item and the speed of delivery and the instructions supplied with the product. Should the need arise I would have no hesitation in using this company again


Mira Excel Spares Cartridge Assembly (903.33)

Mira gravity fed shower cartridge

I was simply looking for a replacement shower cartridge for my Mira shower after the temperature control began to fail. Its nice to be able to source such items even after the model of shower in question has been updated.


Mira Logic Slide Rail Clamp Bracket Chrome

Only place to buy this

Fast, efficient service and the only trusted place I could find this without having to buy a whole new fixture! Thanks

Lila Jimenez

Mira Logic Slide Rail Clamp Bracket Chrome

As a replacement it did the job. However in general this product could be made a bit stronger.

Preston Ruiz