End of Line Clearance Sale

All good things must come to an end, and there’s plenty of products that fit the ‘good things’ description in our clearance section. Sadly, all these bathroom products will be no more once they’ve sold out, but on the positive side it allows us to create space for new and exciting innovative products to continue that ‘good things’ cycle. Here’s your last chance to pick up these quality products at low price clearance deals, because once they’re gone – they’re gone! Everything from Bathroom Suites, Shower Enclosures, Bathroom Taps and beyond, all at a fantastic price, and still perfect for every bathroom.

  1. Clearance Baths

    From £169.97
    with 2 choices

    Clearance Baths
  2. Clearance Heated Towel Rails

    From £79.97
    with 2 choices

    Clearance Heated Towel Rails
  3. Clearance Wastes & Traps

    From £6.97
    with 1 choices

    Clearance Wastes & Traps
  4. Clearance Toilet Seats

    From £16.97
    with 2 choices

    Clearance Toilet Seats
  5. Clearance Shower Pumps

    From £109.97
    with 1 choices

    Clearance Shower Pumps
  6. Clearance Extractor Fans

    From £4.97
    with 7 choices

    Clearance Extractor Fans
  7. Clearance Plumbing

    From £2.09
    with 32 choices

    Clearance Plumbing
  8. Clearance Heating

    From £3.97
    with 4 choices

    Clearance Heating
  9. Clearance Bathroom Furniture

    From £34.97
    with 11 choices

    Clearance Bathroom Furniture
  10. Clearance Kitchen

    From £7.97
    with 9 choices

    Clearance Kitchen
  11. Clearance Showers

    From £2.97
    with 48 choices

    Clearance Showers
  12. Clearance Bathroom Taps

    From £11.97
    with 35 choices

    Clearance Bathroom Taps
  13. Clearance Bath Panels

    From £9.97
    with 12 choices

    Clearance Bath Panels
  14. Clearance Bathroom Accessories

    From £4.43
    with 56 choices

    Clearance Bathroom Accessories


Kojin Cast Iron Multifuel Stove 8kW


excellent purchase does excatly as it says on the ad.