End of Line Clearance Sale

  1. Clearance Baths

    Clearance Baths

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  2. Clearance Heated Towel Rails

    Clearance Heated Towel Rails

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  3. Clearance Wastes & Traps

    Clearance Wastes & Traps

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  4. Clearance Toilet Seats

    Clearance Toilet Seats

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  5. Clearance Bathroom Extractor Fans

    Clearance Bathroom Extractor Fans

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  6. Clearance Plumbing

    Clearance Plumbing

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  7. Clearance Heating

    Clearance Heating

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  8. Clearance Bathroom Furniture

    Clearance Bathroom Furniture

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  9. Clearance Kitchen

    Clearance Kitchen

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  10. Clearance Showers

    Clearance Showers

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  11. Clearance Bath Panels

    Clearance Bath Panels

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  12. Clearance Bathroom Accessories

    Clearance Bathroom Accessories

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Kojin Cast Iron Multifuel Stove 8kW

Value Buy

We bought this stove to replace our pot belly stove. Heat Output is great and we can now see as well as feel the heat! Take much bigger logs too so less chopping. Very happy. great value for money and looks good too.

Aiyana Gibbs

Croydex Croydelle Anti-Bacterial Slip Resistant Bath Mat

Bath mat

Very good safety,doesnt move, and is none slip

Martin Fiddes