Tiles or Bathroom Wall Panels – Which are Best?

Shower design and technology have come a long way in recent years with some incredibly innovative designs taking centre stage.

From basic shower enclosures, we’ve moved forwards into wet room territory, where entire bathrooms are transformed into a luxurious escape, perfect for enjoying long showers. Now, even shower cubicles can become much sleeker and easier to maintain with new innovations in stylish bathroom wall panels.

Find out more about bathroom wall panels and whether they're better than tiles…

What is a bathroom wall panel?

A bathroom wall panel is a tough, hardwearing and waterproof wall covering designed to be fitted in your bathroom but they're especially well suited to shower enclosures or wetrooms.

Often sold in kit form, they are a waterproof panel system, which can be used as an alternative to traditional tiles. They come in a wide variety of colours and finishes from marble effect and vibrant floral patterns to plain greys and whites, making them the perfect choice for an interior design.

Shower wall kits come complete with trims and sealant making them easy to fit, potentially without the help of a professional. We would however recommend hiring a professional if you're not particularly DIY savvy.

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As the surface of a bathroom wall panel is non-porous, this makes them particularly easy to clean. However, a word of warning: they don’t take kindly to abrasive cleaning products. If cleaned regularly a simple wipe down with a soft cloth should do the trick, removing excess water and water marks.

Are bathroom wall panels better than bathroom tiles?

This is the million-dollar question and to answer it you will need to weigh up the pros and cons. Bathroom wall panels definitely have an advantage over tiles in that they consist of fewer parts; you’re potentially looking at one panel rather than 100 tiles.

Depending on the wall space you need to cover, bathroom wall panels can also be a more cost and less time-consuming option. With simple installation and no grouting, a bathroom wall panel is perfect for a quick fit! They can even be installed straight over existing bathroom tiles.

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However, bathroom wall panels won’t be to everyone’s taste. Not as traditional in appearance as tiles, they may not suit a traditional bathroom, but would look perfect paired with contemporary fittings.

In terms of maintenance, a quick wipe with a soft cloth or a shower squeegee and a chemical-free cleaning solution should see your bathroom wall panel looking as good as new in no time. Tiles on the other hand may need a bit more elbow grease. Grout is always an issue with tiles and unless you’re super vigilant about cleaning daily and drying the walls off, your grouting can start to look a little shabby after a few years.

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So, tiles or bathroom wall panels: which are best?

Both options measure up pretty equally when you look at the pros and the cons and in all probability, it is taste that will dictate most consumers’ choices.

Super-sleek and modern is what you get with a bathroom wall panel whilst tiles are always going to give a more traditional finish - it’s all a matter of taste.

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