How to Create Your Very Own Spa Retreat in Your Bathroom

Everyone loves a trip to the spa for a bit of tranquillity, TLC or a mental recharge. But, it comes at a price. So, can you bring the spa experience to your own home?

How can you bring a relaxation retreat to your bathroom? To find out, this month's edition of our Expert Writer series is here to help!

We asked TV presenter and creative influencer, Sophie Prescott-Crees, from ‘DiY Blonde’ to share some of her ideas on how to make your own spa at home.

Sophie Prescott-Crees, DiY Blonde

Read on for her expert insight for making a homemade spa retreat!

Life can be so incredibly busy and can pass you by in an instant. That's why it's important to take time out to destress, relax and recharge.

make a spa at home

To do this fully, many people will often treat themselves to a spa day. Who doesn’t love a spa day, hey? But the reality of going to one regularly is not on the cards for most people, and let’s not forget how extremely expensive they can be!

If you have not got the time to visit a spa, then do not fear, as you can easily create your own tranquil spa retreat in your very own bathroom, with very little effort. If you are due to revamp your bathroom and want to create your very own slice of luxury, here are some ideas of how you can achieve that.

Earthy Natural Tones

From Nebali Photography

To achieve a true sense of relaxation in your bathroom, you want to stay clear of bright and bold patterns and opt for a minimalist style. Create an organic feel by choosing earthy colours such as browns, rustic greens and greys for the main area.

To complement these tones and to maintain the warming spa-like atmosphere, choose gold or brass accents throughout the space. White, beige and light grey on ceilings and around windows will make the room seem larger.

Upgrade the shower head

Curology Royalty Free Photography

Something that stands out at spa retreats are the luxurious showers they provide. The showers at spas always give you just the right amount of coverage, pressure and warmth. Now you can experience a spa shower at home every day, by doing one simple thing…changing the shower head.

Waterfall shower heads are the best option to choose, as where they are larger in size, the feeling of water surrounding you from your head downwards, can be incredibly refreshing and relaxing. These are also a perfect choice if your bathroom only has a shower, meaning you can still feel the benefits without having to have a bath.

Merano Square Shower Wall Arm with 200mm Shower Head - Black Finish

Though if you want to mix up your shower experience, another option is to upgrade to a shower mixer column. This will give you the chance to choose when you want that spa feel by using the waterfall shower head. For other times, when life is on the go, you can use the smaller handheld head.

Choose the right bath

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Let’s face it, all baths are relaxing, but there are a select few bath types which will give you the ultimate spa experience at home. One of the most favourite things people look forward to when they visit a spa is going in a jacuzzi.

Whirlpool baths (also known as a jacuzzi) have gained popularity over the years and carry similar benefits to hot tubs, such as muscle relaxation and stress relief. Learn more about the benefits of hot tubs here.

Vitura P Shape Whirlpool Left Hand Bath With 6 Standard Jets - With Screen & Front Panel

If a whirlpool bath is not your bag and you are looking for a bath to fill a smaller bathroom, a Japanese deep-soak bath is an option to consider. These particular baths are not just designed for bathing, but the main objective is for pure relaxation. The traditional Japanese tub is gaining popularity amongst many Zen enthusiasts and many Western homes are now adopting Eastern styles.

Mood lighting

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One key component to achieving a perfect spa-style bathroom is getting the lighting correct. Opt for soft spots of glowing light, rather than anything harsh. Keep in mind though, to give yourself the option of both types of lighting, as early morning and busy days will call for bright lights to keep you on the move.

For relaxing evenings, however, to achieve moody lighting, the use of a dimmer switch can help you achieve your home spa in seconds. Dimmer switches give you the flexibility to change the mood of the bathroom whenever you desire. Also, many mirrors and cabinets contain LED lights which can be turned on by a wave of a hand or tap of a finger and can provide stunning mood lighting when needed.

Croydex Hang 'N' Lock Chilcombe LED Illuminated Mirror With Demister 700 x 500mm

Add to the ambience further by using candles and tealights dotted around the room.

Reduce clutter

bathroom storage baskets

Keep your bathroom tidy and reduce the clutter to allow yourself to unwind fully, because can you fully relax around half-used bottles of shampoo and bath toys bobbing in the water? Try a shower caddy to stow things away for while you shower.

Artis White Gloss Floor Standing Drawer Vanity Unit- Affine Cambrai Countertop Basin- 600mm Width

Invest in some luxurious new bathroom cabinets or choose stylish storage baskets to store all your bathroom bits away. Not only will storing your items away help keep the bathroom stay clean, but it will allow the room to feel more spacious.

Glorious Greenery

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Let the outside in! Indoor plants and greenery should be a key component when creating your home spa bathroom. Interacting with indoor plants has been found to be soothing and appears to reduce physiological and psychological stress.

Take into consideration though, that your bathroom will be a place of low light, high humidity, and warm temperatures, which means only certain houseplants will flourish. Such plants as Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Begonia, Boston Fern and Ivy are great options to decorate your bathroom, as these types will thrive in a bathroom setting.

The Accessories

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To add the finishing touches to your spa bathroom, there are a few extra pieces of the puzzle that will really make it feel special.

For a natural feel add wooden accessories and furniture, such as a bamboo bathmat, a wooden ladder towel rail or invest in a wooden bath caddy, meaning you can rest your book and glass of wine on it as you soak in the bath.

wooden bathroom accessories

Dry yourself with new luscious linens all warm from the radiator, teamed with a new fluffy bathrobe and slippers. This really will then feel like that spa experience you have been yearning for!

Fill the room with aromatherapy scents using candles, incense or a reed diffuser.

And finally, to top it off, create a soothing playlist on your device to play softly in the background, while you fall into a deep relaxation in the bath.

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