Bathroom Flooring Ideas


Whether you’re carrying out a complete bathroom renovation or your bathroom flooring has seen better days, choosing the best flooring for your bathroom can be daunting.

With thousands of ideas out there you might think choosing the best type of flooring for your home is impossible, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve created this handy guide, to discuss all your bathroom flooring options.

What tiles are best for a bathroom floor?

There are many factors that you need to consider when deciding on the best flooring for your bathroom, including the size of the room, how much natural light your bathroom benefits from, and how many people will be using the bathroom.

If you have a particularly small bathroom then you’ll want to consider using larger and lighter coloured tiles, to help make the room feel larger and lighter. However, if space isn’t a problem, then choosing darker tiles or even pattered floor tiles can help to make the space feel unique and perfect for you.

Another consideration is how much traffic you get in the bathroom and whether you need to look at hard-wearing tiles. If you have a busy family home with just one bathroom shared between adults and children, then hard-wearing and anti-slip bathroom floor tiles are the way to go (keep reading to find out more about anti-slip floor tiles).

Hard-wearing bathroom floor tiles don’t necessarily mean a compromise on style and finish. With a huge variety of tiles available you're guaranteed to find a finish and colour to suit your needs.

Anti-Slip Bathroom Tiles


Anti-slip bathroom tiles aren’t just suited to family bathrooms, they are ideal for all bathrooms, en suites, and wet rooms where water will inevitably get splashed on the floor. Anti-slip bathroom tiles unlike glossy decorative tiles are perfect for helping to contain water splashes and in some cases even help to soak them up.

Coloured and Patterned Floor Tiles


If you’re looking to create a real statement in your bathroom, then why not choose coloured or patterned floor tiles instead of traditional plain and light-coloured bathroom floor tiles?

Adding a splash of colour or an intricate pattern into your bathroom can help to give it a bit of personality, and even make your room feel more homely and relaxing. Just think if you were able to go mad and splash out what would your dream bathroom look like? I’m guessing in most cases it wouldn't be a basic white or cream shell!

Marble Effect Floor Tiles


If you’re looking to create a truly unique and stylish bathroom then, marble effect bathroom floor tiles are a perfect choice. Available in a variety of colours and finishes you’re guaranteed to find a style that fits in with the rest of your bathroom.

For more information on tiling a bathroom floor read our post on How to Tile a Bathroom Floor.

Click Flooring


If you’re looking for a quick fix to your old bathroom flooring, then why not consider click vinyl flooring. Unlike tiles, the installation process is quick and easy, even for a DIY novice!

Thanks to their clever design, the floor panels simply click together creating a completely waterproof surface that doesn't need to be glued or grouted, eliminating any mess or hassle! Make sure to purchase suitable underlay which will help to provide a cushioned surface to install on, as well as reducing unnecessary noise when walking on your new flooring.

What’s more, most click flooring is slip-resistant, can be installed over current flooring, and is suitable for installation with underfloor heating!

What flooring is compatible with underfloor heating?

If you’re looking at adding underfloor heating to your bathroom, then it’s essential to consider the best type of flooring as not all types are compatible with underfloor heating.

Due to their high thermal conductivity stone and tile flooring are the most compatible flooring types for underfloor heating, however, wood, vinyl, and laminate are also suitable options.

Underfloor heating comes in many different types, a couple of options are underfloor heating mats and loose wire underfloor heating systems, both of which cost anywhere between £50-£500 depending on the size of the chosen room.

Take a look at our post on underfloor heating to learn more.

How to clean your bathroom floor?


The best way to clean your floor tiles will depend on the texture of the tiles. All of the bathroom floor tiles featured on our website include a handy guide on the best way to clean them and the products to use, from chemical cleaners right down to basic cloth and water cleaning.

If you’re still not 100% sure what type of flooring you want in your bathroom then why not take a look at our bathroom tile and click flooring samples.

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