10 Cool and Quirky Bathroom Ideas


This is a guest post contributed by Cormac Reynolds.

In a home, the bathroom is a part of the house that’s ripe for a little bit of quirk. Adding a little bit of fun and creating a notable bathroom can be a fun thing to do and allows that room to stand out for being a little wacky.

While you can’t get away with the unconventional in the front hall for instance, the W/C is the perfect place for a bit of fun. So, here are some great ideas on how to give it the sort of lift that will have visitors to your house talking.

Blackboard Bathroom Mirror

Blackboard in bathroom with inspirational message

The bathroom mirror is not the kindest in the morning time, so what better way to give your dreary self a lift for the day ahead than with some insightful universal truths added to a chalkboard in front of the wash basin?

Alternatively, why not paint the entire wall with blackboard paint and turn it into a beacon of inspiration.

Use a Ladder as a Towel Rail

Bathroom ladder shelves with towels and baskets hanging up

Old ladders aren’t of much use outside – however you can throw those health and safety concerns aside by cutting it down to size and giving it a clean and a sand and then using it as a towel rack. It’s the perfect way to add a little bit of the rustic to your bathroom.

Wall Art Helps

Bath area with vintage wall art and signs hung up

The bathroom can be the perfect place for some quirky and fun art and images can really brighten up the space. Consider adding frames of different sizes and colours to create that eclectic look that adds a little sparkle to the room.

Paint it Black


Bathroom with dark decor, chandelier and flowers

Bathrooms are often elegant places and to make the most of the contrasting white fittings, why not paint the room black? Yes, it may make the room seem a lot more cosy and the fixtures more stylish.

Bathroom Storage

Brown shelves used as bathroom storage

Bathrooms are often not used to nearly their potential in storage terms. Often time’s people have a couple of walls of free space and tend to wonder what to do with it? In fact, these people often don’t have enough room elsewhere in their homes. So, why not turn one of the walls into a floor to ceiling shelving area. It’s the perfect place for bags, shoes and other accessories, plus it will help unclutter the rest of the house.

Out of the Box Bathroom Furniture

Sideboard being used as bathroom unit with sink

Why not add a nice piece of living room or kitchen furniture to the bathroom area? According to the Oak Furniture Company a wardrobe, for example, can make a great airing cupboard, while a sideboard provides a place for storage - your beauty items can also be added on top for ease of reach. You could also sand down or repurpose some old furniture for retro feel bathroom furniture.

Glossy Bathroom Paint

White bathroom suite with glossy blue floor tiles

Lino and tiles look great, but they can be a bit mainstream. Why not paint the floor with some high gloss floor paint. Another thought, why not add some stencilling in a different colour to this paint to add a little quirk to the floor? It’s easy to do and you can see step to step instructions here.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

If you’re using conventional wall tiles then why not spell something out with them on the wall. Black on white tiles allows you plenty of scope to write a funny message within the tiles. It could also be a motivational quote or something to brighten up your morning. It’s quite a nice way to add a little flair to the room if you ask us.

Go Retro with a Shower Curtain

Blue spotty shower curtain with retro design

The circular shower curtain was all the rage about forty years ago and it can really add a very cool retro style to your bathroom. Why not add it? Ensuring the designs are a bit loud can also really add to the feel – think 1960s for best effect.

Chandelier Bathroom Light

Bathroom with chandelier hung over sink basin

If you really want to add a bit of bling to your bathroom space and have the room then a chandelier can be a welcome addition. Choose an out-of-the-ordinary bathroom light to create a feature!

These are just some very cool ways to add a little something notable to your bathroom and make it look that little bit different!

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