Caitie and Aaron's Home Renovation

Caitie, our Marketplace Trader, and her husband Aaron tell us all about their gorgeous home renovation. Keep reading to find out how they got on.

In 2020, after 3 years in their previous home, Caitie and her husband Aaron decided to move on to a new challenge, their first home renovation. Since then, they’ve been working hard to create their stunning home in the Cotswolds, Copen house.

Plumbworld employee Caitie, is one of our Marketplace Traders, responsible for our Amazon marketplace channel. She and her husband Aaron, a plumber and heating engineer, live with their two beautiful dogs: Penny, a Shetland Sheepdog, and Coco, a Japanese Spitz.

Having been keen on decorating and interior design since a young age, Caitie had her heart set on being a property developer and that passion hasn’t gone away. She tells us “We’ve always wanted a fixer-upper, and Aaron is super handy, he can turn his hand to pretty much anything.”

With most of their home renovation completed within 12 months, Caitie and Aaron have been enjoying their stunning Cotswold home for two years. However, to Aaron’s dismay, Caitie tells us “We’re still not 100% finished with our renovation and probably never will be, I love to change things up regularly.”

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Living in their 1960’s renovation project from day one, Caitie tells us, “It was a wreck when we bought it and not touched or changed since the 60’s so the whole house was changing. We started removing walls and ceilings the day after we moved in.” Finding time to complete the project was difficult as Aaron was on furlough for just 3 weeks at the start of their renovation and they were both working full time from then onwards.

Except for the installation of their windows Copen House was renovated completely by Caitie and Aaron. However, Caitie tells us, “Aaron won’t pick up a paint brush, so this was my forte along with the decor and design.”

Working from home most days, Caitie is in love with her gorgeous study, complete with a beautiful designer radiator from Plumbworld. “My office is set up perfectly for me and I love working in there every day. Our study used to be the old kitchen with the 1960’s original fittings, we ripped this out and moved the kitchen to the back of the house.”

Caitie and Aaron bought a range of items from Plumbworld, with their gorgeous anthracite designer radiators being one of the first. “As soon as we started selling them, I knew I loved the design. When growing up in my dad’s home he had vertical radiators (the old inefficient ones) in an anthracite grey. I knew I wanted to replicate this look with something more designer and these radiators were perfect for the job!”

We asked Caitie if they encountered any setbacks during the project, “Yes, there were hiccups along the way. Nothing we hadn’t really planned for though. More just hiccups with design choice and colour schemes.”

Caitie continues, “Multipanel was the biggest question to our renovation. I really wanted to tile the shower enclosure, but Aaron wanted to use Multipanel due to how easy it is to clean and maintain.” In the end Caitie and Aaron went with Multipanel in beautiful classic arctic stone.

When taking on a home renovation, the last thing you want is to become overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made and Caitie’s advice for anyone completing a home renovation is to “Take one room at a time, don’t get overwhelmed and be confident to be different.” Follow this advice and I think you’ll be well on the way to creating a truly beautiful home just like Caitie and Aaron.

Budgets are always the difficult part of any kind of renovation and when you’re creating your own home it can be difficult to stick to as you want everything to look perfect, but Caitie tells us, “We did set a budget as we always knew this wouldn’t be our forever home as I don’t think a ‘forever home’ is for us. We have kept below budget so far.”

When asked if there are any areas of their home that are still to be renovated Caitie explains, “I love our house and we have turned it into a home. There are many tweaks needed and areas which are unfinished such as the upstairs bedroom radiators, piano in the study, garden landscaping with cinema room, the list goes on. I will be forever changing the décor in my home as love to keep up to date with trends, but putting our own twist on it, so our home will in theory never be complete.”

Caitie and Aaron can be found on Instagram @24corners sharing the progress of their beautiful 1960’s home renovation in the Cotswolds.

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