6 Reasons to Own a Bidet


Bidets, once a standard component of bathroom suites here in the UK, have completely fallen out of fashion, although they are still very popular overseas. Apparently, 97% of homes in Italy are fitted with at least one bidet, but here in the UK, the figure is more like 5%. In North America, they are practically unheard of.

Some bathroom retailers will tell you that a bidet is an essential part of bathroom kit in an attempt to boost their sales figures, but when you look at things from an impartial point of view, you soon discover that there are indeed some very good reasons why bidets are a great addition to your bathroom.

1. Hygiene

The top reason for investing in a bidet is that they are more hygienic than paper. If your hands get dirty, you wash them with soap and water, and wouldn’t dream of rubbing them with some soft paper in an attempt to get the dirt off. So why do we treat using the bathroom as any different?

There is also some evidence to suggest that using a bidet stops any bacteria spreading around and washes them away into the drain, which stops common illnesses such as norovirus from spreading around the family. Bidets force you into washing your hands after using the toilet too.


2. Saves money

The average UK family uses a staggering 57 sheets of toilet paper every day and spends over £180 a year on loo roll. Using a bidet after the toilet allows you to greatly reduce the amount of paper you are using, which not only lessens your carbon footprint but will save you money too.

Given that a basic bidet can be bought for around £100, even when you take installation into account, a new bidet could easily pay for itself in less than two years.

3. Eco-friendly

We get through upwards of 600 million toilet rolls every year in the UK, and even if you go for the recycled or Forestry Standard type of loo roll, that’s a lot of environmental damage in terms of processing chemicals and water, transport to get the toilet paper into the stores and then the costs of filtering all the used paper out of the waste water supply. Using a bidet will help you reduce the amount of paper you are using and also help save the planet.


4. Kinder to your skin

Even the more expensive toilet roll brands which market themselves as being super soft can irritate your skin. Many people are also allergic to the chemicals used to process and colour the paper, and added ingredients such as lotions or scent can damage the skin too.

After giving birth or having surgery, using toilet roll can be extremely uncomfortable, and washing with tepid water can be soothing and will not irritate the skin further. Disabled people or the elderly often find that using a bidet is far easier than using toilet paper too.

5. The “posh” factor

Although they are standard bathroom items in other parts of the world, here in the UK we think of bidets as being a bit “posh”. Some people like the idea of having a bidet to impress their friends and family as well as for the more practical reasons, and it may impress prospective buyers too if you are planning on selling your home. Bidets are not terribly expensive to buy and are relatively easy to install, so are a quick and inexpensive way of updating your bathroom.

6. Weird and wonderful uses

A recent survey by the BBC News Magazine into UK attitudes to bidets revealed some very unusual uses for these bathroom fixtures. People across the UK responded to the question about the ways they used their bidet and stated that bidets are used for putting fish in while the water is changed, washing hamsters, washing laundry while on holiday, keeping plants watered while on holiday and even as a makeshift baby bath.

Top image adapted from the original found here.