Slipper Baths

You can slip into pure relaxation when you add one of these stunning slipper baths to your bathroom! Perfect for when you have extra space to make a real feature, a slipper bath is a timelessly elegant bath style, featuring a gently sloped upper end for ultimate comfort. 

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Whether you want a traditional style or a modern design slipper bath, we have some beautiful options for you to choose from. Our Parklane baths boast a crisp white finish and are crafted from highly durable lucite acrylic, allowing you to create a traditional bathroom without sacrificing on today's standards of quality. Find your freestanding slipper bath online today and create a beautiful focal point to be proud of in your bathroom!


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What is a Slipper Bath?

A slipper bath is a type of freestanding bath that is named so due to its shape. You can easily tell a slipper bath by its raised end, which allows the bather to comfortably lean back with their back and neck better supported. Slipper baths also often have a roll top, giving them a traditional appearance that is highly sought after in luxury bathrooms. 


Why Are They Called Slipper Baths?

As we mentioned above, slipper baths are named so due to their shape. They were particularly popular in the Victorian era in bath houses, where a towel would be draped over the lower half to help protect the bathers modesty. This made the baths look like - you guessed it- slippers!

The name may have stuck around, but slipper baths have certainly elevated their status beyond the public bathhouses of the Victorian era. Today they feature in elegant bathroom designs as centrepieces, as they are usually placed in the middle of a room rather than against a wall. As they require more space to be installed, they are usually reserved for larger bathrooms, giving them their reputation for luxury.


Are Slipper Baths Comfortable?

If you are not used to slipper baths, you might be wondering how comfortable they are. Many people find slipper baths more comfortable than regular shaped baths as they can sit a little more upright with their back supported, allowing them to relax easily or even enjoy reading a book while they soak. Due to the slope, they often aren’t as long, but they make up for this in depth meaning the water can come up higher. The shorter length also means that you can lie down easier without feeling as though you are slipping down the bath.

For others, the length can actually be an issue. Taller people might find it difficult to get comfy in a slipper bath, while others like being able to slip all the way down and under the water! It’s best to think about what you use your bath for and whether a slipper style will provide the comfort you need.


Can You Have a Shower Over a Slipper Bath?

As slipper baths are typically freestanding, they aren’t really best designed to use with a shower. If you have placed your slipper bath in the centre of the bathroom, it is likely that you won’t be able to fit a shower with it at all.

If you have placed your slipper bath against the wall, you might be able to use it with a wall mounted shower if the projection reaches the inside of your bath. However, the issue is the gap between the bath and the wall where water can gather in the absence of any sealant. If you do want to place a shower over your slipper bath in this way, it is best to ensure that you have the space to easily mop up any pools of water that could lead to damp or even leaks. 

Generally, if it is important to you to be able to take a shower in your bathtub, a built-in bath is the best option. Slipper baths are more for relaxing, so you might need a separate shower enclosure to suit all your needs. 



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