Bathroom Hacks: How to Disguise a Radiator With a Cover

Radiator Cover Medium - White Diamond Style

Radiators can be large, cumbersome things, and whilst they are brilliantly practical (think, nice toasty bathroom in winter and warm, fluffy towels), they often look quite ugly in the home.

Perhaps you hate the look of your radiator but can't afford to replace it? That's where the radiator cover comes in. Nowhere near as expensive as a new radiator but can create a beautiful yet practical statement piece in your home.

What are the benefits of a radiator cover?

One of the main benefits of a radiator cover is they're the perfect solution for covering up old and unsightly radiators. However, they're also perfect for helping to prevent accidental scalds and burns from the radiator itself, particularly useful in a family home.

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Radiator covers are ideal for space saving and extra storage!

Not only are radiator covers amazing for covering your old radiators, but they're also perfect for creating a small amount of additional storage. Now, all radiator covers include a flat surface on top which can be used as a shelf, for displaying photos or other trinkets but there are some that come complete with drawers, creating yet more storage space.

Are radiator covers a standard size? Do they cover valves?

Radiator covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from standard covers to adjustable covers, allowing you to choose the best fit for you. What's more, radiator covers can also hide any ugly-looking valves on your radiator.

Do you lose heat with radiator covers?

In short, yes radiator covers can trap heat. However, this tends to be minimal. If you're worried about a radiator cover blocking heat, then consider a style that keeps this to a minimum such as those with wide horizontal or vertical lines.

Which radiator cover is right for me?

Available in a variety of designs and styles and even with additional features such as drawers for handy storage. In most cases, the style of radiator cover chosen will depend on aesthetics and how you want your cover to look.

Vertical lines radiator cover

Medium Radiator Cover - Vertical Style

Our range of radiator covers with vertical struts are a perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary homes. They're also one of the best design choices for still allowing plenty of heat to escape to heat your room, all due to their wide strut positioning.

Diamond radiator cover

Small White Diamond Style Radiator Cover

A diamond-design radiator cover is perfect for adding a touch of class to any room in your home. With a classic diamond pattern, this style of cover is ideal for a traditional style home.

Adjustable radiator cover

Duratherm adjustable radiator cover

If you’re looking for an adjustable radiator cover, we have you covered! Ideal for wider than average radiators or for radiators that don't fit within a standard-sized cover. Adjustable radiator covers allow you to double the sides of the cover with just a gentle pull.

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If you think a radiator cover isn't for you, then take a look at our range of radiators, from traditional column radiators to designer and electric radiators.

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