Do Towel Radiators Give off Enough Warmth to Heat Your Bathroom?


The simple answer is yes, in most cases, a towel radiator (otherwise known as a heated towel rail) can provide enough warmth to heat a bathroom. However, there are some occasions where this isn’t possible, such as in a large bathroom. Keep reading to find out more.

What are Towel Radiators?


Towel radiators are the perfect solution for keeping your bath towels warm and dry but have many other uses too, such as keeping your bathroom warm.

Heated towel rails can be ideal for keeping smaller bathrooms warm, as you’re unlikely to fit both a towel radiator and a standard radiator in a tight space.

What's the Purpose of Towel Radiators?

The main purpose of a towel radiator is to keep your towels warm and dry between uses. The last thing you want when going for a shower is to find your towel is still damp from a previous use. They’re also great at keeping hand towels dry in busy family households.

Towels are also great collectors of damp and mould when left for too long, but this is where towel radiators come into their own. By helping to dry damp towels, a heated towel rail can also help to prevent mould and damp from forming on the walls and other areas in your bathroom.

How do Towel Radiators Work?


Towel radiators either run off your central heating system or work electrically. You can also get dual fuel models, which let you continue using your central heated towel rail even when your heating isn’t turned on.

If you have a standard central heating model, also referred to as a hydronic towel rail, this will only work while your central heating system is turned on.

However, an electric model can work individually from your current heating system, allowing you to use your towel radiator even in the summer to keep your towels free from damp.

Do Towel Radiators Give off Heat?

Yes, towel radiators give off heat, however, the amount of heat they give off will depend on the size of the towel rail and their BTU. Keep reading to find out more about BTU.

Most towel radiators can heat smaller bathrooms in the same way as a standard radiator, however, if your bathroom is on the larger side, you may find a heated towel rail doesn’t meet your requirements.

A standard radiator may be the better option if you’re looking for a heating solution for your bathroom and aren’t worried about keeping your towels warm.

What Size Towel Radiator do I Need to Heat a Bathroom?


The best way to work out the size of the towel radiator you need for your bathroom is to calculate the BTU needed.

Before purchasing a heated towel rail it's best to calculate the BTU (British Thermal Units) needed to heat your chosen room. This can be easily calculated with our handy heating calculator.

Once you know the BTU requirements of your bathroom, you need to choose a radiator with the heating requirements to heat your space.

However, you also need to consider the physical size and shape of the towel radiator you choose, as even though the BTU might be correct, this doesn’t mean the heated towel rail will fit in your space.

For this reason, plenty of different size and shape options are available, some narrower than others, ideal for particularly small bathrooms.

Our BTU heating calculator can be viewed here.

Towel Radiators at Plumbworld


At Plumbworld, we stock a wide range of towel radiators, including traditional and classic designs and bold colours. Whether you’re looking for a central heating, electric or dual fuel model, we’ve got you covered, with plenty of options available. Take a look at our website today to view our full range of towel radiators.

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