Are Electric Radiators Expensive to Run?


There’s no hiding it, electric radiators can be expensive to run. Just look at the rising energy rates over the last couple of years. However, if used properly, you could save more money through electric radiators than gas central heating.

Keep reading to find out more about electric radiators and the costs associated with them.

Why it's Important to Know Your Radiator's Cost Efficiency 


One of the most important reasons to know the cost efficiency of your radiator is to keep to a budget. Over recent years electricity prices have fluctuated massively with most being on the high side. As a result, most of us have taken to tracking our heating and electricity outgoings, and where possible cut down on our usage.

How to Measure the Cost of Your Radiator 


If you want to calculate the daily running cost of your radiators, take a look at the following instructions.

Wattage - First you need to find out the wattage of your radiator and convert this into kWh. For example, if you have a 900-watt radiator this would become 0.9kW.

Hours used – This is simply how many hours a day you use your radiator.

Pence per kWh – This is likely to vary depending on the type of electricity tariff you are on and can typically be found on your electricity bill.

Daily Radiator Running Cost = Wattage × Hours used × Pence per kWh

Example – 0.9kW x 7 hours x 15 pence per kWh = 94.5p

How Much Should You Use Your Electric Radiator 

How often you use your electric radiator will come down to your personal needs, but there are a few handy tips to consider to make the most of your electric radiator.

These days, most electric radiators allow you to preset your desired temperature, including when you want your heating to turn on and off. Another wonderful benefit is that you can control each electric radiator in your home separately.

For example, if you work from home and use only one room during the day, you could consider turning one radiator on and turning others on later in the day when using other rooms, such as the kitchen or bedroom.

The Types of Electric Radiators

Gone are the days of basic electric storage heaters. These days electric radiators are available in many different types and styles, making it easy to find the right fit for your needs.

From oil-filled electric radiators, to smart, and even designer options there's something for everyone. Keep reading to find out about each electric radiator type.

Oil Filled Electric Radiators 

Oil-filled electric radiators work using an electrical element, which helps to heat the oil within the radiator. This can help release heat gradually and even provides a low heat level once your radiators are turned off.

Electric Heaters 


Electric heaters come in many designs, two of the most popular being fan and even plinth heaters. However, they both work slightly differently from standard electric radiators. Keep reading to find out more.

If you’re looking for a heating solution for a small room, an electric fan heater might be the perfect solution. Small in stature and in most cases portable too, an electric fan heater can help to keep you warm without the need to turn on your central heating or electric radiators. Some fan heaters can be used as a cooling fan in warmer weather too.

If you’re looking for an electric heater that can be controlled via your smartphone, some fan heaters even tick this box.

Electric plinth heaters, on the other hand, are ideal kitchen heating solutions. If your kitchen is on the smaller side making it impossible to fit a standard radiator, a plinth heater could solve all your problems. Fitting neatly at the base of your kitchen cabinets, generally level with your cabinet baseboards, plinth heaters are a wonderful discreet heating option providing plenty of heat for small kitchens.

Smart Electric Radiators 

Smart electric radiators can be controlled directly from your phone. This lets you control each radiator's temperature and timing settings individually, making it easier to heat only the rooms you’re using. This can help to keep track of the energy you’re using and potentially cut your usage.

Designer Electric Radiators


Designer electric radiators tend to work and be controlled in the same ways as a standard oil-filled radiator or a smart radiator but with a stylish designer exterior. This type of electric radiator is ideal for people with a flair for design and those who want to upgrade from a standard white panel radiator. Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours there’s a designer radiator for every décor.

Discover Plumbworlds Collection of Electric Radiators


At Plumbworld, we stock a wide range of electric radiators, from standard panel radiators to designer, and even infrared options, allowing you to choose the perfect electric heating solution for your needs. Visit our website today to view our full range of electric radiators and heaters.

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