1600mm Baths

Bathroom suites need to evolve to meet the modern home, which means fitting more and more into bathrooms that seem to be getting smaller and smaller! A standard bath is 1700mm long, but if you only have 1600mm available then these baths are exactly what you need. We’ve got your standard rectangular shape 1600mm bath tubs or we’ve got the same baths with added Whirlpool technology to create a hydrotherapy station right in your own home. Along with these brilliant products we’ve also got the 1600mm freestanding baths for total bathing satisfaction.

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  2. affine-grande-luxury-freestanding-bath-1655mm

    Best Seller!

    Affine Grande Luxury Freestanding Bath 1655mm

  3. bc-designs-casini-freestanding-bath-white-1680-x-750mm-bab035

    BC Designs Casini Freestanding Bath White 1680 x 750mm - BAB035


    Manufacturer Direct in 8 Weeks
  4. bc-designs-gio-freestanding-bath-white-1645-x-935mm-bab062

    BC Designs Gio Freestanding Bath White 1645 x 935mm - BAB062


    Manufacturer Direct in 5 Weeks
  5. bc-designs-magnus-freestanding-bath-white-1680-x-750mm-bab025

    BC Designs Magnus Freestanding Bath White 1680 x 750mm - BAB025


    Manufacturer Direct in 10 - 11 Days
  6. affine-deluxe-luxury-freestanding-bath-1685mm

    Affine Deluxe Luxury Freestanding Bath 1685mm

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