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Bristan Bathroom Taps

Bristan taps are stylish and contemporary instantly upgrading and updating your bathroom once fitted. The taps are chrome-plated for an excellent quality finish and made from solid brass underneath for durability. Aside from the instructional manual, each package comes with fixing kit to ensure a much easier installation. Inside the bathroom taps are smoothly operating ceramic disc cartridges which not only ensure great water delivery but provide a longer lifespan.

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  2. Bristan Smile Basin Taps Chrome - SM 1/2 C

  3. Bristan Pisa Basin Taps Chrome - PS2 1/2 C

  4. Bristan Smile Contemporary Bath Taps Chrome - SM 3/4 C

  5. Bristan Pisa Bath Taps Chrome - PS2 3/4 C

  6. Bristan Nero Basin Taps Chrome - NR 1-2 C

  7. Bristan Quest Basin Taps Chrome - QST 1/2 C

  8. Bristan Quadrato Basin Taps Chrome - QD 1/2 C

  9. Bristan Vantage Basin Taps Chrome - VT 1/2 C

  10. Bristan Clio Bath Pillar Taps Chrome - CLI 34 C

  11. Bristan 1901 Traditional Basin Taps Gold - N 1/2 G CD

  12. Bristan Pisa Bath Filler Chrome - PS2 BF C

  13. Bristan Quadrato Bath Taps Chrome - QD 3/4 C

  14. Bristan 1901 Bath Taps Gold - N 3/4 G CD

  15. Bristan Smile Bath Shower Mixer Chrome - SM BSM C

  16. Bristan Pisa Bath Shower Mixer Tap Chrome - PS2 BSM C

  17. Bristan Clio Bath Filler Tap Chrome - CLI BF C

  18. Bristan Nero Bath Filler Tap Chrome - NR BF C

  19. Bristan Quadrato Bath Filler Chrome - QD BF C

  20. Bristan Clio Bath Shower Mixer Tap Chrome - CLI BSM C

  21. Bristan Nero Bath Shower Mixer Tap Chrome - NR BSM C

  22. Bristan 1901 Pillar Bath Filler Chrome - N BF C CD

  23. Bristan Quadrato Pillar Bath Shower Mixer Chrome - QD BSM C

  24. Bristan Vantage Bath Shower Mixer Chrome - VT BSM C

  25. Bristan Renaissance Deck Sink Mixer Chrome - RS DSM C

  26. Bristan 1901 Pillar Bath Filler Gold - N BF G CD

  27. Bristan 1901 Pillar Bath Shower Mixer Gold - N BSM G CD

  28. Bristan 1901 Luxury Bath Shower Mixer Tap Gold - N LBSM G CD

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