Shaving Mirrors

Giving you a Helping Hand to Perfect your Beauty Regime

A good quality shaving or cosmetic mirror is about as essential as the shaving kit or makeup brush you use as part of your morning routine. Fixed wall mirrors are brilliant too, but they don’t give the magnification required for such a delicate job. With extendable arms and powerful magnification you can reach that errant hair or add even finer detail to your makeup with ease. Flexible and stylish, they remain one of the much needed bathroom accessories in the modern home.

  1. Croydex In-Shower Mirror with Razor Holder

  2. Croydex Flexi Fix 1919 Chrome Mirror - QM301041

  3. Aqualux Pro 2515 Shaving Mirror

  4. Croydex Grosvenor Flexi Fix Mirror - QM701041

  5. Forum Apus Circular LED Shaving Mirror

  6. croydex-flexi-fix-chester-mirror-qm441041

    Best Seller!

    Croydex Flexi Fix Square Mirror - QM441041

  7. Croydex Flexi Fix Mirror - QM411041

  8. Croydex Everson Flexi Fix Tilt Mirror - QM551041

  9. Croydex Metra Flexi Fix Tilt Mirror - QM541041