Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Taps

If you have a freestanding bath, you might want to take it to the next level with one of our stunning freestanding bath taps! Rather than sitting on the edge of your bath, freestanding taps are plumbed into the floor next to your bath, creating a statement look that creates a real sense of luxury. 

Find stunning freestanding taps here at Plumbworld 

If you are thinking about installing freestanding bath taps, be sure to take a look at our range. We have some excellent options at unbeatable prices from leading brands such as Architeckt, Parklane and Merano. From beautiful traditional styles to bold modern designs, including an attached handspray for rinsing away any suds, you can enjoy a soak in gorgeous surroundings. Shop freestanding bath taps online at Plumbworld for unbeatable prices today!

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    Architeckt Lattra Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap

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  4. Architeckt Boden Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  5. Park Lane Worcester Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer

  6. Park Lane Worcester Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer with JLW01 Bath Waste

  7. Architeckt Binsey Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap - Chrome


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  8. Park Lane Worcester Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer with JLW02 Bath Waste

  9. RAK Washington Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap - RAKWTN3014


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What are freestanding bath taps?

Freestanding bath taps look stunning and can add a luxury touch to any bathroom. Freestanding bath taps work in tandem with freestanding baths, most of which aren’t designed to accommodate tap holes, so you can place them almost anywhere. This means that you have much more flexibility when choosing where to position your bath as well as the location of your taps.

How much space do you need for freestanding bath taps?

There isn’t a hard and fast rule of thumb for the amount of space for freestanding bath taps. When choosing the position for your taps, make sure it won’t inconvenience you or anyone else using the bathroom by being in the way or too close to other fixtures. 

Freestanding baths and taps can be fitted in a small or large bathroom, so as long as you plan it out.

How to install freestanding bath taps

First, you must ensure the water supply is switched off at the stopcock before beginning any DIY work.

To fit your freestanding taps, you will need to mark out the position for them on your floorboards. Make sure they are the right distance from the bath, allowing for both easy access when using or cleaning and ensuring the water misses hitting the bath edge or lip. 

Next, you will need to drill holes in the marked areas for the supply pipes. Lift the floorboards to allow for the pipework to reach the spot where your taps will be positioned. 

Once you’ve done this, test the pipes for leaks before the floorboards are put back. A plumber will be able to talk you through all the different steps that take place for connecting the pipes, as well as the remaining process for a freestanding bath, should you need to make easy repairs in future.

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