Insinkerator Waste Disposal Model 56 - 77970H

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Waste disposal units cleverly break down unrecyclable kitchen waste such as chicken bones and bread crusts into fine particles which are quickly flushed down your drain. Waste disposal units mean less kitchen waste going in your bin and therefore, less waste ending up in a landfill. Having a waste disposal unit is a great benefit both for you and the environment.

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multigrind 1

1 Stage grind process

This Insinkerator waste disposal unit features one stage of grinding. This process is where food is ground once before passing through drain pipes with water.

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Air Switch

Built-in Air Switch

As the name suggests the air switch uses air pressure rather than electricity to activate the unit. This, in turn, reduces the risk of potentially getting an electric shock if your hands are wet.

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Removable Baffle

Removable easy to clean baffle

Quieter than a standard waste disposal unit, the removable sound baffle is used to help reduce the amount of noise that your unit makes whilst in operation – ensuring minimal disruption in your kitchen. The baffle is also removable, making an easy job of cleaning.

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Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal Unit

Environmentally friendly 

With this Insinkerator waste disposal unit, you can dispose of your food in an environmentally friendly way, helping to reduce the ever-increasing problem of food waste.

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Insinkerator Dura Drive Motor

Dura-Drive® induction motor

This Inksinkerator unit is powered by a high-torque Dura-Drive® induction motor providing a powerful grinding process, helping to break down stubborn items like chicken bones more efficiently.

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Continuous feed

Continuous feed waste disposal units can be operated via either an air switch mounted on top of the sink or an electric wall switch, giving you the freedom to choose the best operation mode for you. When switched on the unit will run continuously allowing you to dispose of food waste throughout its operation.

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980ml Capacity

980ml Grind Chamber Capacity

No need to worry about overfilling your unit as you’re covered by the Overload Protection features which ensure you can only place a suitable amount of food waste into the chamber. Saying that you have a large 980ml capacity within the grind chamber, which is more than enough!

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Quick Lock® easy fit

With Quick Lock® technology you can easily fit this wonderful waste disposal unit yourself, without any hassle.


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Fits a standard 90mm plug hole

This waste disposal unit is designed to fit a standard 90mm kitchen sink plug hole, so you don't have to worry about it not working with your sink.

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3 Year Guarantee

3-Year Guarantee

When buying anything for your home you need to know that it's going to stand the test of time. This is why this product comes with a fantastic 3-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects should the worst happen and the product is not up to standard.

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CE Marked Product

CE marked product

This product has been CE marked to ensure full compliance with BS EN 14428. This means that not only is it suitable for the UK market but it's been rigorously tested for safety.

Made in the USA

Technical Features:

  • Approximate shipping weight: 8.1kg
  • Average water usage: Approximate 4.0 litres per person per day
  • Average electrical usage: 3-4 KWH per year
  • Drain connection: 1-1/2” (38.1mm)
  • Includes a dishwasher drain connection


Insinkerator Waste Disposal Model 56 - 77970H Video

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Insinkerator Waste Disposal Model 56 - 77970H Specifications
Multigrind 1 Stage
Sound Level Quiet
Built in Air Switch Yes
Power Booster Circuit No
Auto Reverse No
Suitable for Small to Medium Households
Sink Stopper Plastic
Easy Clean Baffle Removable
Grind Chamber Capacity 980 ml
Horsepower 0.55HP
Warranty 3 years

Insinkerator Waste Disposal Model 56 - 77970H


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97 Product Reviews

  • Sherif Habashi
    5/ 5

    We had an Insinkerator 45 fitted by a plumber a few years ago. When it finally packed up I decided to upgrade to this unit and hoped it would be easy to fit myself with only modest DIY skills. Nothing could have been easier. Once the old unit was removed, I was able to pop the new one in in no time at all. I absolutely love the air switch. My wife used to be quite reluctant to use the old waste disposal, but with the air switch neatly fitted into the sink top, she loves it and uses it regularly. All in all, I am thoroughly delighted.

  • Andy Brown
    5/ 5

    Bought this monster following a decision from our council to reduce the frequency of our bin collections. Pleased to say it was an absolute dream to install, so easy! Using it is brill, our bin now only contains cellophane wrappers, so even when full doesn't weigh anything. 1 month on, bedded in nicely, quiet considering it isn't a 'quiet model', no smells, no issues, all is well. Plumbworld service and delivery was exceptional also, we will definitely consider them for future plumbing tasks!

  • Sara Emms
    5/ 5

    We have only recently installed this in last few days in our new kitchen. It was a bit tricky to instal with all the different wastes with a double sink and a insinkerator hot tap but my husband managed it after a few trips to B&Q. It’s extremely quiet when operating which is great as I expected it to be so much noisier. Only used once or twice yet so will be getting used to what we can put down it and what we can’t as there are certain things you must not put down it. Overall really pleased!

  • Simon Neal
    5/ 5

    Always wanted a waste disposal unit and when I finally had new kitchen then I had to have one..I bought his model as the cheaper ones have galvanised steel internals..this has stainless steel and is very powerful and surprisingly quiet.. Excellent bit of kit and easy to install..the only down side is the plug it should come with an extra plug with holes in so you don't accidentally drop small cutlery down it when emptying the sink..but maybe that's just one its the future..

  • Frank
    5/ 5

    I ordered the 56 model as a direct replacement for a 55 model. Unfortunately the delivery date was pushed back several times. With no guarantees on a firm delivery date, and the 55 model was tripping a circuit breaker, I cancelled my order with Plumbworld and got next day delivery with Screwfix and saved £30. (Result). The 56 model is significantly quieter than the 55 and very simple to swap out. I suspect that fitting a new one from scratch would be simple too. Great product.

  • Francis
    5/ 5

    The instructions were easy to follow, although the unit is heavy, putting it on a pile of bricks to get it to the near height and then tapping in 3 wedges until it engages with the three tapered locking ramps helps taking the weight off ones arms and allow you to get the spanner provided into the loops to tighten the ring to seal the unit to the sink. This is second incinerator Ive bought the last one about 20 years ago, They are very reliable and of good quality.

  • John
    5/ 5

    Bought this to replace previous model which went for 15 years and was thrown into the skip by the builders stripping out my old kitchen. Bought the equivalent model at an unbeatable price from Plumbworld. Although most of our food waste goes into the food waste bin this provides a good place to rinse off other bits before loading into the dishwasher. The build quality is fantastic and the motor is indestructible. Thoroughly recommended.

  • Laraine Chadwick
    5/ 5

    September 8th at last I have a fully working waste disposal a replacement and what a pleasant surprise, so quiet and very good at disposal of waste I would recommend the '56' to all households for up to four people any higher model number more expensive as this one is more than adequate I'm very happy that I chose this make again. Thanks go to Plumbworld for the way they treat their customers and for the fast delivery.

  • Alex Foley
    5/ 5

    Bought this item to replace a failed unit, and very happy with the decision to buy a more powerful one. Much quieter to run, and the air valve attachment is ideal. Very easy to fit, with one small caveat - it is heavy to lift and hold in place in a small cupboard under the sink, but solved that problem by using a car jack! Service and delivery from Plumbworld were top notch, and at a great price too. Highly recommended!

  • Shaun McNeill
    5/ 5

    After many hols to the USA, finally got one of these, and it is brill, just like being back in the USA, the home of the Labour saving device. Been using it now for 2 months and it is one of those things, once you have had it a while you wonder how you did without one, this model seems to work fine for our family, we have 5 kids so quite a few left overs and food waste in general, would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Fiona Simpson
    5/ 5

    Named Homer by my children because it ate anything, the Sinkerator was a brilliant addition to the Simpson family kitchen. Finally after nearly 20 years service Homer expired and I naturally opted for a replacement Sinkerator. This one is quieter and works brilliantly. The family have named it Homer 2 because no one eats as much ‘junk food’ as Homer!

  • G Hewitt
    5/ 5

    Replacement for our 10 yr old model 55 Order was Quick, easy and very cheap compared to most seller’s. Arrived very quickly , well boxed No problems throughout Ordering process These insinkorators are so easy to fit I will always go to plumbworld Online first before looking anywhere else Will use plumbworld From now on.

  • M Taylor
    5/ 5

    I have one of these in one of my properties and wanted another for a new renovation. Plumbworld delivered the product super fast and offered the best price anywhere on the internet that I could fond. I would not hesitate to use Plumbworkd again. The unit itself is easy to install, great build quality.

  • Carl Senior
    5/ 5

    I’ve been after a waste disposal unit for years & finally had the opportunity to get one whilst fitting a new kitchen. After searching online for the model I wanted, Plumbworld were way ahead of everyone else. Price, stock, delivery, ease of ordering. Everything was straight forward & easy, thank you

  • Keith Elliott
    5/ 5

    This was a replacement for a previous model which had started to leak water from the motor housing when activated. Plumbworld not only had the lowest price but also delivered very quickly. very pleased with the performance of the new model and also the excellent service. Thanks Plumbworld

  • Dave 'Boy' Brown
    5/ 5

    Delivery was delayed but Plumbworld kept me informed. Item well packed and complete. {Fortunately there was no urgency} Bought to replace an old failed unit (Model 45) , easy , all connections identical. New unit noticeably quieter. Fitted quickly, no problem and no plumber's bill!

  • Ian
    5/ 5

    I bought this to replace a model 66 that had given many years of service before finally failing to run. The grinder head looks exactly the same, it certainly works as well, and was the best price I could find at Plumbworld, well packaged and delivered on a Saturday as expected.

  • Geoff. Parkes
    5/ 5

    Our old insinkerator disposal died after 20 years good service , this one seemed the nearest one to match, we looked on competitors sites and Plumbworld were the cheapest, we placed an order and in no time it was delivered , we were expecting ssomething to be missing, but all

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