Quick and Cheap Ways to Update a Bathroom on a Budget!

Bathroom with new toilet seat and storage

Do you think your bathroom is looking a little tired? Maybe you’re selling your house and your bathroom could do with a spruce up? Or perhaps you just want to brighten it up on a budget?

Whatever the reason, you don’t need to splash out on an entire new bathroom suite to reap the rewards of a new look bathroom! There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you refresh it, without spending too much money - or time.

Some of our best inexpensive bathroom upgrades ideas include:

  • Replacing your sink or bath taps
  • Changing your toilet seat
  • Brightening up your lighting
  • Upgrading your bathroom mirror
  • Giving it a good deep clean!

Read on to find out more about our easy and affordable ways to update your bathroom on a budget!

How do I update my bathroom without renovation?

You don’t always need a full renovation to enjoy a bathroom makeover! Here are our expert tips for when you want to make some quick changes with big impact…

Change Your Bathroom Taps

One of the best ways to give your bathroom an instant makeover is to change your bathroom taps. This simple change can really change the style of your bathroom! It’s easiest to pick the same type of tap system if you want to carry out the job as easily as possible - whether that is a mixer tap or separate pillar taps.

If you want to create more of a vintage look, take a look at our traditional bathroom taps. For something even more impressive, we think you will love our waterfall bathroom taps! Do you want to make sure your bath and sink taps are working in harmony? Our bathroom tap sets provide you with perfectly matching pairs to do just that!

Find out how to easily fit new taps in this blog!

Architeckt Motala Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

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Replace Your Toilet Seat

Changing your toilet seat is an even easier way to give your bathroom a lift! If you have a very old white toilet seat, you may have noticed it has began to discolour. It might even be scuffed or scratched if it really has seen better days!

Either way, you could be surprised at how much difference a new toilet seat can make to your bathroom. If you want to move away from the usual white, wooden toilet seats can add a stylish twist. Coloured toilet seats don’t have to be tacky, either - our range of Bayswater toilet seats offers a choice of chic muted tones.

Alternatively, you could upgrade to a soft close toilet seat; a real luxury of you hate the sound of the seat slamming shut in the morning!

Ceramica Oak Toilet Seat

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Brighten Up Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting really can make or break a bathroom. If you’ve just moved into a new house, you might find that your bathroom features a single, uninspiring ceiling light. If so, you need to consider changing it now!

Bathroom ceiling lights come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s stylish bathroom spotlights or built in bathroom downlights, the way you light your bathroom can really transform it! While adding new lighting might require some more significant work, replacing an existing light can be a DIY project - so long as you ensure you follow all safety requirements.

Be sure to replace your bathroom light pull too - attention to detail goes far!

Find some helpful tips about what lights you can use in a bathroom here.

Forum Amalfi LED 3 Light Bathroom Light

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Get a New Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are known for their ability to make a room look bigger and brighter.

If you are looking to give your bathroom an easy update, a new bathroom mirror is a great way to go! Round mirrors often look great in smaller bathrooms, though some of our rectangle bathroom mirrors come with the added bonus of a built-in shelf.

To give your bathroom the Hollywood treatment without a blockbuster budget, though, we recommend our battery LED bathroom mirrors. Since they run off replaceable batteries, there is no need for any costly rewirings - just hang it on your wall and switch it on as needed for instant illumination!

Make sure you know how to clean your mirror properly - see our how to clean a bathroom mirror guide!

Ceramica LED Illuminated Mirror - Battery Operated

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Do Some Deep Bathroom Cleaning!

Sometimes there’s no easy solution to a problem other than getting your hands dirty!

Bathroom cleaning may be something of a chore, but when your bathroom fittings can be reformed with just a little elbow grease, it can save you big time.

Take a look at these blog posts for some tips on deep cleaning your bathroom:

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Once your bathroom is looking shiny and clean again, maybe you could update your bathroom accessories? Maybe a few plants, candles or a fancy bottle of soap? You’ll feel like you’ve had a whole refresh, without breaking the bank!

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