Bathroom Organisation Ideas: Store more in your bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean and tidy is difficult no matter the size of your bathroom or how many people use it, however, with the use of some clever storage ideas you can get your bathroom looking like a show home in no time.

If you're thinking your bathroom is too small to add storage solutions, then think again. With clever ideas such as over-the-door towel and toiletry storage, shower caddies, robe hooks, bath racks, shelves, and much much more you're guaranteed to find storage solutions to suit your whole family.

Every bathroom has a whole host of toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning products, towels, and much more to store but working out where to store them, whilst keeping your bathroom clutter-free can cause a headache. Especially in a family bathroom, with bath toys and all the extra ointments and shampoos that babies and children need it can be difficult to keep your bathroom looking like a relaxing retreat and not a children’s play area.

If any of the above challenges are getting you down, then keep reading to learn about the best storage solutions for your bathroom.

Vanity Units

Vanity units and cupboards are probably some of the most common storage ideas used in bathrooms. Available in a vast range of shapes, sizes, styles, and colours you’re guaranteed to find the best fit for your bathroom.

If you’re looking for floor-standing storage, then take a look at our range of freestanding bathroom furniture. With the choice of tall cabinets, beautiful drawer units, and even laundry units.

Bathroom laundry units are perfect for storing your dirty laundry out of sight, unlike most laundry baskets. What’s more any guests will have no idea the unit is storing your laundry as it looks exactly like a standard bathroom storage unit.

If you’re particularly short on space or your bathroom is an awkward shape, then our range of stylish corner vanity units might suit your needs perfectly. Fitting perfectly into any corner in your bathroom and in most cases providing just as much storage as many other vanity units you really can’t go wrong with a corner unit.

If you’re creating a luxurious bathroom retreat, then why not consider a stunning wall-hung vanity unit? Not only do they look gorgeous, but they also provide your bathroom with a more spacious feel due to the space between the bottom of the unit and the floor. With a wall-hung vanity unit, you also have the ability to install it at the correct height for you, making it easier for you to access the items you have stored as well as making it easier for you to reach your basin and taps.

Another wonderful storage solution for a minimalist bathroom retreat is a wall-hung countertop with built-in towel rails, ticking off two storage solutions at once, as well as keeping everything you need to hand.

Some vanity units even come complete with a toilet and basin. Combining storage with a basin and toilet makes this type of vanity unit perfect for a simple fit in a bathroom that is perhaps lacking in space. However, if you already have a toilet or basin, you can also purchase vanity units with just one of the above.

Furniture for small bathrooms

If you have a particularly small bathroom with limited space, then reduced depth or narrow furniture will become your best friend. Reduced depth furniture is particularly useful for narrow bathrooms, as they don’t intrude on the space needed to move around the bathroom. However, reduced depth units don’t provide enough space for you then why not consider a tall but thin bathroom cabinet, available in both freestanding and wall-hung options. This type of bathroom furniture is best suited to bathrooms with a flat ceiling due to their height.

Flat pack or pre-assembled furniture?

Deciding whether to choose flat pack or pre-assembled furniture is an age-old question, which in most cases comes down to your patience and DIY ability. Flat pack furniture can in some cases cost as much as £100 less than standard pre-assembled furniture of the same size and style but can look just as good when assembled.

So why choose pre-assembled furniture? Well, flat pack furniture tends to be made from materials such as MDF, whereas pre-assembled furniture can be made from more robust materials such as wood, making it a better option if you want your furniture to last a lifetime.

Bathroom furniture costs

The cost of bathroom furniture will depend on a variety of things from the style and size of the unit to the materials it’s made with. If you decide a small freestanding vanity unit is the best suit for your bathroom you could pay as little as £100. However, if you choose a top of the range wall-hung vanity unit or a toilet and basin combination unit you could pay anything between £300 to £500.

However, if you’re on a budget there are plenty of storage options aside from furniture that can do the job of storing your bathroom essentials just as well.

Keep reading to find out more.

Mirror cabinet

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your cosmetics, then a bathroom mirror cabinet is possibly the best solution. Providing plenty of space to store creams, make up and toiletries, and all at easy access to the mirror for applying make-up, especially when you choose a LED mirror cabinet. An LED mirror cabinet is perfect for not only storing all your essential cosmetics but also for delivering direct lighting for tasks such as shaving and applying make-up.

Towel rails and rings

Towel rails, towel rings, and freestanding towel stands are perfect for storing towels and if you choose a heated towel rail, your towels will always be kept warm and dry, ready for their next use.

Available in a huge variety of sizes and styles with various different technical features, finding the right towel rail for your bathroom might seem daunting at first but keep reading to find your perfect fit.

Deciding whether you need a standard or heated towel rail is the best place to start and if you choose a standard towel rail your choices are pretty straight forward. Take a look at our range here for more information.

However, if a heated towel rail is for you then, deciding whether you need it to run on electric, central heating, or as duel fuel is your first task. Once you’ve decided on this it’s as simple as finding the best fit and style for your bathroom.

If you’re looking for a towel rail that truly stands out and creates a stylish feature in your bathroom then take a look at our extensive range of Terma heated towel rails and radiators, all designed with style in mind.

Over door storage

When looking for extra storage in your bathroom your first thought might not go to your bathroom door but nevertheless, it is the perfect place to store items in baskets or on hooks.

With over-the-door storage solutions, you can store anything from towels to shampoo. Our range of over-the-door storage baskets and towel holders are perfect for keeping your smaller bathroom items stored away neatly and depending on how your door opens, they could even be stored out of sight. Even better.

One thing to consider when deciding on over the door storage is the direction in which your bathroom door opens and whether it opens against a wall. If your door opens against a wall your storage options may be limited unless you're happy with the door not opening flush to the wall as most over the door storage solutions tend to stick out a little.

Wall and hook on storage

With a wide range of wall storage options with both stick-on or screw-in choices available you’re guaranteed to find the best fit for your bathroom, no matter what you intend to store.

If you’re not sure whether you need a permanent or temporary storage solution then take a look at our wonderful selection of storage options that can be either stuck or screwed to the wall, such as the Croydex stick ‘n’ lock range. With cosmetic baskets, robe hooks, corner shower baskets, and even tumblers to offer, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

However, if you’re looking for a more permanent storage solution then our range of screw-in hooks, shower caddies are the perfect option, especially if you don’t want to risk things getting knocked off the wall.

One truly innovative storage hook is one that can be hooked over a heated towel rail. Perfect for drying damp clothes, long towels, or even dressing gowns, and most importantly it’s been designed specifically for use on heated towel rails, making it safe to use.

Robe hooks

Looking for a suitable place to keep towels or dressing gowns? If the answer is yes, then a robe hook might be the best fit for you. Robe hooks are perfect for hanging not only robes and dressing gowns but large bath towels and even children’s bath toys. With a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours, and both screw-in and stick-on options available you’re guaranteed to find the best option for your bathroom.

Toilet roll holders

Toilet roll holders might not be the most attractive of items however, they are essential in a bathroom. However, if you’re looking for a stylish solution then you should take a look at our Architeckt Europa and Halcyon ranges, with both stylish black and gold options, they’re sure to add a wonderful design flair to your bathroom.

One truly innovative way of storing your toilet rolls both in use and spare is a toilet butler, which also provides a clever tabletop perfect for placing a candle, your phone, or other small items all at easy reach.

Bath storage

If you’re like me then one type of bathroom storage you might not have considered or even knew existed is the potential to store items such as bathroom cleaning products within the side panel of your bath. Not only is the space an ideal size for keeping all your bathroom cleaning products but it can also be locked making it perfect for a family home, allowing you to keep chemicals out of the sight and reach of children.


Shelving can be a perfect storage solution for any bathroom, especially one short on space. Shelving is not only cheaper than a cabinet or vanity unit but will also take up much less space. With the ability to easily create or purchase shelving to fit perfectly into your bathroom you really can’t go wrong. Nice glass or wooden shelving can be the perfect place to store aesthetically pleasing items such as perfume bottles, expensive cosmetics, and even house plants.

Bath racks

Bath racks are clever bathroom accessories that simply sit across the width of your bath. Not only are bath racks ideal for storing sponges, soaps, and scrunchies they are also perfect for resting or placing items when having a truly relaxing soak in the bath. Just imagine soaking in a large bubble bath while enjoying a glass of wine and watching that tv series you’re hooked on, on your tablet or phone, pure bliss.

Pedal bins

Bathrooms create rubbish just like any other room in the house and having a decent bin to keep everything is essential. Bathroom rubbish is likely to be damp or contain residue from creams and lotions and that’s why a pedal bin is the best option. Keeping your rubbish enclosed and the need to touch the bin to a minimum, also making it easier to keep your bin clean and hygienic.


Finding somewhere to store toothbrushes and toothpaste can be difficult, especially in a busy family home, but search no more. A tumbler or multiple tumblers are ideal storage containers for toothbrushes and toothpaste, keeping them easily accessible for everyone whilst looking neat and tidy.  

If a tumbler is used to store a toothbrush, the best way to keep both germ-free is to store them away from the toilet and on a window sill, allowing fresh air to gain access, in turn helping to prevent a build-up of bacteria. For more information on how to store your toothbrushes hygienically in your bathroom take a look at this useful post on the Colgate website.

Soap dishes & dispensers

Whether you choose to use a bar of soap or liquid soap, you’re likely to need somewhere to store it. If you choose a bar of soap, then a soap dish is an ideal place for its storage. If you’re lacking in space on or around your basin then a wall-hung soap dish is a perfect option, keeping your soap out of the way.

However, if liquid soap is your preference, then to save on plastics you might consider buying a standard re-usable soap dispenser that you can wash and re-fill. Using a re-usable soap dispenser will allow you to purchase matching bathroom accessories such as tumblers and toilet brushes too, co-ordinating your bathroom items beautifully.

If you want to keep the bottles and contains to a minimum in your bathroom then why not consider a wall-hung soap dispenser? Not only can you store liquid soap in this but also shampoos and shower creams, all helping to keep your bathroom sides and cupboards clutter-free.

Hairdryer holders

Finding somewhere to store your hairdryer can be difficult but with a hairdryer holder, all your problems will be solved. With simple chrome designs or more contemporary styles, you can choose the best-suited hair dryer holder for you. Simply screw into the wall and the holder will keep your hairdryer safely and neatly out of the way.

However, when storing an electrical item in the bathroom you should always be careful to keep them away from any water for safety reasons.

Keeping everything splash-free

In every bathroom, things will inevitably get splashed, especially when children are involved. Therefore, when choosing your bathroom storage you should consider where things are placed. You wouldn’t want to store your clean dry towels right next to the bath or shower for example, where they are likely to become damp or wet easily. Instead, consider storing them on an opposite wall where a shower screen or curtain will give them some protection.

Keeping your bathroom storage clean

When considering the types of storage to use in your bathroom it’s a good idea to consider how easy it would be to clean. With the bathroom in most cases being the most humid room in a home there will be certain storage solutions that will look beautiful but might not be practical to clean, such as wooden cabinets or shelves, especially in a bathroom without windows.

Showering and bathing can result in a high amount of steam and moisture building up in your bathroom and while, opening windows and doors and using a bathroom extractor fan might help, regularly cleaning your bathroom storage is also essential. Consistently wiping down mirrors on a bathroom mirror cabinet as well as shower caddies, soap dishes, bins, and over-the-door storage will help to prevent the consequences of moisture and damp build-up such as mould.

To learn more about cleaning bathroom mould take a look at this handy post from Mira on removing and preventing mould in the bathroom.

If you consider just one of the storage solutions we’ve talked about in this post we believe it should be a heated towel rail. Not only can a heated towel rail keep your towels looking neat, tidy, and dry they are also a wonderful way of keeping your bathroom warm in the winter and therefore helping to reduce the build-up of moisture and condensation and in the long run also helping to prevent mould from developing on your bathroom walls and surfaces.

To learn more about keeping your bathroom clean and mould free take a look at our blog post on the Secrets to Keeping a Clean and Tidy Bathroom.

Or if you need help with clearing up a mould problem in your bathroom then our post on How to Remove Bathroom Mould may be of use.

Life expectancy and materials

When choosing bathroom storage, you should always consider how long you want it to last, whether you want something cheap and temporary or something that will last a lifetime. Cheaper items will tend to have a very short guarantee or in some cases none at all. Whereas more expensive storage items such as a pure oak vanity unit, yes are likely to cost a lot more, but will have a much longer guarantee, ranging from 5 years to a lifetime, and therefore are likely to prove well at standing the test of time.

One of the main considerations you need to make when choosing a piece of bathroom furniture is the material it’s made from. As explained above, due to the humid conditions of a bathroom certain materials are likely to be better suited to a bathroom environment than others.

Wood, for example, expands when it absorbs moisture making it likely to become distorted and even cracked. If your wooden furniture becomes distorted, it’s likely to become difficult to open and close its drawers or doors as well. You should also be particularly careful with metal items such as mirrors and cabinet handles as they can easily become tarnished when exposed to high levels of moisture.

However, if you spend that little bit extra and purchase a vanity unit or storage cabinet designed specifically for bathrooms and other areas with high humidity then your furniture is likely to live up to expectations and stand the test of time. For more information on the best and worst materials for bathroom furniture take a look at this handy guide from SATRA Technology.

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