Modern Basin & Toilet Suites

Our contemporary cloakroom suites are designed to look great in a modern home. Whether they are used as bathroom suites, matched with a bath selected from our extensive range, or used without in a cloakroom or ensuite they resonate with contemporary design. These suites have no fancy victorian detailing or mock Georgian styling. For these designs the form speaks for itself with clean lines. Sharp angular cubic styles or sweeping organic curves identify these suites and give your bathroom that five star luxury hotel feel.

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    Contemporary Cloakroom Furniture Suites

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  2. contemporary-toilet-full-pedestal-basin-cloakroom-suites

    Contemporary Cloakroom Toilet & Full Pedestal Basin Suites

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    From £179.97
  3. contemporary-cloakroom-toilet-semi-pedestal-basin-suites

    Contemporary Cloakroom Toilet & Semi Pedestal Basin Suites

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  4. comfort-height-toilet-cloakroom-suites

    Comfort Height Toilet Cloakroom Suites

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