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Enhance the interior of your showering area with our complete range of stunning Bathroom Wall Panels, Panel Profiles and Shower Panel Seals. If you are looking for a totally minimalist finish, or alternatively would like a quick and straight forward installation, then bathroom Wall Panels should be your choice. Bathroom wall panels allow you to create a stunning interior for your bathroom, whether it be the whole room or just one single feature wall. They are an effective and efficient alternative to tiles. Wall Panels not bring style and luxury look but also are super easy to keep clean and maintain as there’s no more grout. (like in tiles).Plus that they won’t discolour over time.The Multipanel internal Corner Profiles are available in polished silver, satin silver and white finished to match the interior design of your bathroom. The Multipanel Silicone & Sealant offers a quick drying and effective waterproof seal which can be used with Multipanel bathroom wall panels.

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