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Fernox Leak Sealer LS-X

Code: PWFE0017

How much Fernox Protector do I need for a system with ten radiators?
One pack of Fernox Protector will treat a typical system with ten single panel radiators. If you have double panel radiators, you should count these as two items with calculating how much Fernox will be needed. If the calculated dose rate is in between carton sizes, dose to the higher figure.

How long will Fernox Protector last?
Normally a treatment will last about 5 years after which time a further does should be applied. If the system is drained in the mean time, then it will need to be re-treated with a further full dose of Protector. You can check if you system is properly does using the nail test.

Can I overdose with Protector?
No! Overdosing is not detrimental and it is important to ensure that there is always sufficient treatment present. There is a test kit and a postal testing service available to check your Protector concentration. See Protector Test Kit product data sheet.

How many kg of DS-40 do I need for 2% solution in a 100 litre system?
Since 1 litre of water weighs 1 kg, then 2 kg of DS-40 per 100 litres of system volume makes a 2% solution.

Is is safe to empty my central heating water down the drain?
Yes, in fact you should only drain your central heating system into mains drainage or a septic tank. Never drain your system into rain water gullies, as these go directly into rivers without treatment. Never pour water from a central heating system on the garden or a lawn.

Can Fernox Leak Sealers be used in combination boilers?
Yes, all Fernox internal leak sealers are safe for use with combination and other low water content boilers. They will not block valves or vents. We recommend our Superconcentrate Leak Sealer for all pressurised systems as this can be added via a radiator in a few minutes, without draining out any water.

What causes knocking noises in boilers?
Boiler noises result from localised boiling of the water. This happens when the inside surface of the boiler becomes too hot due to scale or baked on sludge deposits. All systems over about five years can suffer noise and new boilers in old systems are especially vulnerable. Either clean the boiler and system with one of our range of cleansers, or add Superconcentrate Boiler Noise Silencer.

Do you make anything to get rid of air?
Air collecting in radiators can be formed either by a system fault that causes air to be sucked into the system, or by corrosion that generates not air, but hydrogen gas. Suction air is a design fault that must be remedied by improving the system layout and cannot be resolved by treatment. Hydrogen gas problems can be easily corrected by cleaning with Fernox Superconcentrate Restorer and then adding Superconcentrate Protector.

Is Fernox compatible with plastic pipe and push-fit fittings?
Yes, all Fernox products are safe to use with plastic pipe and push-fit fittings from the leading suppliers.

Does Fernox contain mineral oil?
Fernox Protectors and cleaning agents do not contain mineral oil.

What is a Primatic system?
This is a name given to what id properly termed a single feed cylinder, which is an arrangement whereby the central heating expansion is taken up by and air bubble within the cylinder. To identify a Primatic cylinder use the following check list:

Hot water cylinder fitted (airing cupboard) - YES
Cylinder is labelled Primatic / Single feed cylinder - YES
Cold water tank in loft - YES
Second small open tank (F&E) fitted in loft/airing cupboard - NO
Combination boiler - NO
Solid fuel stove/boiler - NO
Filling loop, valve and pressure gauge to fill radiator system - NO

If you get an alternative answer to any ONE of the above questions to that stated, then you are likely to have a Primatic cylinder and you must NOT use and Fernox product. Sorry. For more information please contact Fernox Technical Services on 0870 870 0362.

How much water will a pack of Sterox treat?
One pack of Fernox Sterox will treat 1,700 litres (375 gallons) of water. Each pack contains 15 disinfecting tablets and a test kit to enable 50 test to be done. It is recommended that systems be disinfected at least once per year.

Does Fernox Superconcentrate Restorer need to be flushed out of the system?
Restorer should be allowed to circulate around the system for at least 48 hours, or up to a week, then drained out and the system flushed before adding Fernox Protector.

When I dose with Silencer, do I also need to use Protector?
Yes. Superconcentrate Silencer is designed for use with any Fernox Protector. It should be left permanently in the system with the Protector and be replaced when the Protector is replaced.

Is the Fernox Flux self-cleaning?
Yes. Fernox Flux is self-cleaning, but it is non-acidic.

Can I use Fernox Protector on old systems?
Fernox Protector may be used on systems of all ages. However it will be advantageous to clean the system with Fernox Restorer before adding Protector in order to remove sludge.

Manufacturer Part Number 603022

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"New kitchen annoying leak in cold supply joints desplte changing fittings etc etc still leak then was reccomended to try this plumber used it and leaks gone"

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"New kitchen annoying leak in cold supply joints desplte changing fittings etc etc still leak then was reccomended to try this plumber used it and leaks gone"

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