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Walk In Shower Enclosures

Walk In Shower Enclosures

Doorless Walk In Shower Enclosures

Walk in showers offer an elegance that no other type of enclosure can match. Whilst being one of the most minimalistic and simple looking showers, it boasts style and sophistication above all else. The lack of moving parts such as hinges or rollers in walk-in enclosures make them simple to clean and maintain; not to mention there’s literally nothing that can go wrong with them! If you want a durable enclosure that will transform the look of your bathroom, then this is the perfect addition for you.

Compatible & Adjustable

Even if you have an oddly shaped bathroom, this stunning range of walk-in shower enclosures offers maximum compatibility and adjustment to suit even the most awkward fittings. With adjustable wall channels to compensate for odd measurements and reversible glass to suit, there should be no problems when it comes to fitting. Moreover, all models are available in left and right hand designs to ensure you can pick the perfect enclosure to fit the space you have available. This is just another way in which Plumbworld are ensuring you can build the bathroom of your dreams whilst overcoming any obstacles in the way.

Epitome Of Style

When it comes to stylish shower enclosures, there is nothing that tops the walk-in wet room look. With sleek curves and a prominent styling, a walk in enclosure will set your bathroom off and give it that designer look. Not only do you get unrivalled style, but you also get an intelligent design that offers a showering area as well as an area to dry off. Rather than stepping out of a regular shower and getting the floor all wet; you can stay within the confines of the enclosure and dry yourself with no fear of creating an extra mess to clean up. Combining style and functionality is what a walk-in enclosure is all about.

Stand The Test Of Time

All walk in shower enclosures provided by Plumbworld will be sure to stand the test of time as their durability is second to none. With toughened safety glass, a high quality frame and no moving parts to cause problems down the line, these enclosures are literally future proof. In 10 years time they will still be functioning as they did on day one and with a bit of simple cleaning they will also look as stunning as the day you had it installed. Rather than worry about replacing a shower enclosure in the future, why not invest in something that will still be luxurious and functional in years to come.


Many other enclosures feature a door that will dictate how you enter and exit the shower. With a walk in enclosure you have no worries about this, you simply walk through the opening and exit the same way. These types of enclosures often feature a separate drying and washing area as well as a cleverly positioned screen to avoid splashes on the bathroom floor. If simplicity and elegance is what your bathroom craves, Plumbworld’s range of walk in shower enclosures will be sure to meet your needs.

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