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Honeywell ST799 7 Day Programmer


Honeywell ST799 7 Day Programmer

When winter arrives you’ll probably have the heating on a fair amount, especially considering how unpredictable the weather can get in the United Kingdom. But you don’t want to waste money by having the heating on when you’re not around, just so that the house will be toasty warm once you arrive home. Instead, you should use the Honeywell ST799 7 Day Programmer to ensure that the heating is only coming on when you need it.

With this system, you can set the times the heating and hot water system will come on during a 7 day week. It’s a brilliant piece of kit as it’s giving you the flexibility to only use something when it’s needed.


  • A simple easy to understand and operate system.
  • Can choose between one or two on/off periods per day over a 7 day period.
  • Program indicator lights and a 12-hour time display that indicates am or pm.
  • Compact in size so it won’t take up too much space on your wall. It can be surface mounted or switch box mounted.
  • Comes with a built-in battery backup.
  • Can be used on gravity primary or fully pumped systems.
  • Power supply: 230V AC 50 Hz
CE Approved

Honeywell ST799 7 Day ProgrammerProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number ST799A1003

Honeywell ST799 7 Day ProgrammerDownloadable Documents

£84.94 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £129.97 Save  34%

39 Available 

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Honeywell ST799 7 Day ProgrammerReviews

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4.6/ 5
5 reviews
5/ 5

Easy to install and simple to use. Great value for money.

ID: 100021970
4/ 5

This was a direct replacement for an identical unit whose slide switches were unreliable. It was a plug in replacement, no wiring required so dead easy.

ID: 100023397
5/ 5

Had the older non seven day program version but was basically the same but it appeared a old and tired. We had recently decorated and wanted a nicer looking programmer. The old one was great and worked fine. This one is the same but looks so much nicer being new and in white (the old one was brown000).

ID: 100023934
5/ 5

Purchased this to replace old timer that only did 24hr settings. We wanted more control over weekday/weekend timings so went for this model.
So easy to instal and set up. Clever copy to other days feature once you have set times for first day. Saves time and settings for days if the power goes off so no need to put all timings back in the device.
Very clear backlit display. Easy on off without having to alter settings if heating/water is required outside of set times

ID: 100000708
4/ 5

this was a replacement for a previous c/h timer from the same manufacturer. Performance remains as previous. Expect reliability and quality to be similar.
A good extended functionality 2-zone timer. reasonable value.

ID: 100023993

£84.94 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £129.97 Save  34%

39 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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