Toilet & Basin Vanity Units

These toilet and basin vanity units are ideal for bathrooms or cloakrooms where space is limited. Since these units combine two fundamental items in the bathroom – the toilet and washbasin –they save a considerable amount of space where much more would usually be taken up by separate fittings. There is also an additional luxury which comes in the form of fitted, coordinated styling as the units were designed and configured to be together. Most units are also available in left and right hand versions, or entirely reversible which minimises the amount of hassle you have to go through when shopping for new bathroom fittings. With hundreds of 5 star reviews on our basin WC units, it’s safe to say we’ve come up with a winning combination!

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  2. arles-toilet-artis-grey-gloss-vanity-unit-600mm

    Arles Toilet & Artis Grey Gloss Vanity Unit 600mm

    Was £629.00

    Save 48%


    In Stock
  3. arles-toilet-aurora-white-gloss-door-vanity-unit-600mm

    Arles Toilet & Aurora White Gloss Door Vanity Unit 600mm

  4. arles-toilet-aurora-gloss-grey-door-vanity-unit-600mm

    Arles Toilet & Aurora Gloss Grey Door Vanity Unit 600mm

  5. marseille-toilet-artis-white-vanity-unit-600mm

    Marseille Close Coupled Toilet & Artis White Vanity Unit 600mm

  6. marseille-toilet-artis-grey-gloss-vanity-unit-600mm

    Marseille Close Coupled Toilet & Artis Grey Gloss Vanity Unit 600mm

    Was £359.00

    Save 17%


    Expected - 15/07/22
  7. marseille-toilet-essence-vanity-unit-550mm

    Marseille Close Coupled Toilet & Essence Vanity Unit 550mm

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