Basin Pillar Taps

If you like the look of symmetry then you’re certainly in the market for a high-quality set of Basin Pillar Taps. They’re supplied as a pair, one for the hot water supply and one for the cold, with a luxurious chrome finish to blend seamlessly with any style of bathroom décor. Contemporary and traditional designs are available so no matter the era that your bathroom taps need to match, we’ve got something to suit.

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  2. park-lane-winchester-basin-taps

    Best Seller!

    Park Lane Winchester Basin Taps

    Was £39.99

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  3. park-lane-oxford-basin-taps

    Park Lane Oxford Basin Taps

  4. architeckt-misa-basin-taps

    Architeckt Misa Basin Taps

    Was £39.00

    Save 10%


    In Stock
  5. Mira Virtue Basin Taps

    Mira Virtue Basin Taps

  6. architeckt-malmo-basin-taps

    Architeckt Malmo Basin Taps

  7. Mira Revive Basin Taps

    Mira Revive Basin Taps

  8. bristan-pisa-basin-taps-chrome-ps2-12-c

    Bristan Pisa Basin Taps Chrome - PS2 1/2 C

  9. Mira Comfort Basin Taps

    Mira Comfort Basin Taps

  10. Mira Honesty Basin Taps

    Mira Honesty Basin Taps

  11. bristan-quadrato-basin-taps-chrome-qd-12-c

    Bristan Quadrato Basin Taps Chrome - QD 1/2 C

  12. Mira Precision Basin Taps

    Mira Precision Basin Taps

  13. bristan-nero-basin-taps-chrome-nr-1-2-c

    Bristan Nero Basin Taps Chrome - NR 1-2 C

    Was £69.11

    Save 11%


    In Stock
  14. Mira Evolve Basin Taps

    Mira Evolve Basin Taps

  15. bristan-quest-basin-taps-chrome-qst-12-c

    Bristan Quest Basin Taps Chrome - QST 1/2 C

    Was £78.19

    Save 15%


    In Stock

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