Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessory Ranges

Whether you’ve just spent thousands on a brand new bathroom suite or you’re simply looking to update the look of your bathroom accessories without breaking the bank; Plumbworld has an accessory range dedicated to you. With in excess of 20 unique ranges, you can rest assured that the perfect accessory range to complement your bathroom is just a few clicks away – and to make things even better – our prices are considerably more competitive than any high street store. Take a look at our huge range of contemporary and traditional ranges; you’ve got nothing to lose! Choose from straight lines, curvaceous silhouettes, minimalistic styling or eye-catching designs; you can’t go wrong buying from Plumbworld.

  1. Architeckt Misi Range

    Architeckt Misi Range

    1 choices
    From £19.97
  2. Architeckt Sola Range

    Architeckt Sola Range

    6 choices
    From £14.96
  3. architeckt-athens-range

    Architeckt Athens Range

    14 choices
    From £19.99
  4. architeckt-orion-range

    Architeckt Orion Range

    16 products
    From £17.99
  5. architeckt-genova-rose-gold-range

    Architeckt Genova Rose Gold Range

    15 products
    From £42.99
  6. architeckt-karnak-range

    Architeckt Karnak Range

    5 choices
    From £24.99
  7. architeckt-bamboo-range

    Architeckt Bamboo Range

    5 choices
    From £24.99
  8. architeckt-roma-range

    Architeckt Roma Range

    5 choices
    From £34.99
  9. Mezzo Range

    Aqualux Mezzo Range

    3 choices
    From £14.38
  10. Park Lane Bredon Range

    Park Lane Bredon Range

    4 choices
    From £8.99
  11. Park Lane Elmley Range

    Park Lane Elmley Range

    5 choices
    From £8.99
  12. Loxx Range

    Never Drill Again Loxx Range

    3 choices
    From £14.94
  13. Grohe Bathroom Accessories

    Grohe Bathroom Accessories

    10 choices
    From £10.29
  14. chester-range

    Croydex Flexi Fix Chester Range

    7 choices
    From £11.99
  15. pendle-range

    Croydex Flexi Fix Pendle Range

    8 choices
    From £10.98
  16. croydex-1919-wall-mounted-accessories

    Croydex Flexi Fix 1919 Range

    2 choices
    From £17.99
  17. metra-range

    Croydex Flexi Fix Metra Range

    7 choices
    From £16.86
  18. everson-range

    Croydex Flexi Fix Everson Range

    6 choices
    From £22.90
  19. grosvenor-range

    Croydex Flexi Fix Grosvenor Range

    9 choices
    From £19.99
  20. epsom-range

    Croydex Flexi Fix Epsom Range

    6 choices
    From £14.49
  21. cheadle-range

    Croydex Flexi Fix Cheadle Range

    7 choices
    From £19.08