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Vitura 26-Jet Air Spa Whirlpool Baths

There’s nothing better than a hot bath to relax yourself after a long day, so why not indulge in a whirlpool bath and dramatically enhance your bathing experience. These baths come in several designs: curved single ended, square single ended, curved double ended, square double ended and fantastic deep Japanese style. All these whirlpool baths come with an impressive 26 jets installed, 3 on each side, 4 for your feet, 4 for your back and 12 base jets, giving you an all over jacuzzi to relax your whole body and help you unwind. The side jets are mixed with air to give you maximum pleasure and comfort, the back and feet jets are powerful and give a fantastic massage effect for your both sides of your spine and both feet, whilst the 12 air spa jets in the base of the bath creates greater massaging turbulence throughout your bath, giving you the real jacuzzi experience. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!