Providing a good source of ventilation for your bathroom and bathroom accessories is incredibly important as inadequate ventilation can lead to the rise of mould. Even if you have a window that you can open, it may not do the best job possible. The answer is to buy a fan, and Vent-Axia is a brand of ventilation fans that you can always rely on.

This version features a neon light that will light up when the fan is operating. It’s remotely adjustable but also includes an auto-humidity sensor that will kick in when humidity is detected at 60-90%. It also includes a backdraught shutter.

This fan is designed to be used within Zone 1 in a room that contains a fixed bath or shower, as per IEE wiring regulations. It can be safely installed within the spray area.

Other features:

  • A low 17mm profile.
  • Can be mounted on either the ceiling or wall.
  • Rated at IPX7.
  • Quiet operation with low running costs.
  • Improved insulation with fully opening and closing shutters.
  • The motor is guaranteed with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee.
  • Performance: 95m3/H.
  • Peformance: 26 l/s.
  • Timer up to 30 mins.
CE Approved

Vent-Axia Silhouette Lo-Carbon Axial Humidity Sensor Fan - 441626 Video


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Vent-Axia Silhouette Lo-Carbon Axial Humidity Sensor Fan - 441626

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