Vent-Axia LuminAir L Extractor Fan & Light 188110


Vent-Axia LuminAir L Extractor Fan & Light 188110

Ventilation in your bathroom and other wet areas is key to avoiding and reducing mould, damp and any unpleasant odours. You could open a window but unfortunately it’s not normally very effective, or you might not even have a bathroom window in which case you certainly need an extractor fan.

The new and revolutionary Vent-Axia LuminAir Extra Low Voltage fan is an extractor and light all built into one single ceiling mounted unit.

This IPX7 unit is fitted directly over your shower in complete safety. It extracts humidity and moisture at the source, which prevents condensation from spreading and causing damage. At the same time it immerses the shower enclosure in a soft light to bring any dark and gloomy shower to life. They are perfect for all types of shower and bathroom applications, and particularly suitable for en-suite or bedsit shower installations.

The Vent Axia LuminAir is ideal for mounting in a massive variety of ceiling thicknesses and the safety isolating transformer (BS EN 60742) is mounted in a purpose made casing that can be wall mounted or hidden out of the way in the loft.

It features a 20 Watt 40 degree spread, preformed lamp (Dichroic Multi-Mirror), to give a pool of rich warm light. The lamp has an extremely long life and is straightforward to change.

Don’t bathe in a mist filled, gloomy enclosure any longer!


Features and Benefits:

  • Vent Axia present the original fan and light combination.
  • IPX7 rating makes it more than suitable for bathroom installation.
  • It can be fitted within reach of a person using a shower or bath.
  • Easy, straightforward installation.
  • Safety extra low voltage (SELV).

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Vent-Axia LuminAir L Extractor Fan & Light 188110

Vent-Axia LuminAir L Extractor Fan & Light 188110

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