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Valor Inset Gas Fires

Bring the feel of a real fire into your home but without the hassle of having to top it up with logs or even having a designated place to store/dry you fuel. Valor inset gas fires are the perfect all-rounder. They allow quick and easy control over the temperature of your room, even helping to reduce overall heating bills by only heated the space that you need. Valor ensure that there is a style and a design to suit all types of decor, from black and chrome to modern and traditional. These particular gas fires benefit from an inset design. This means that the fire is built into the chimney which not only looks great but also saves on space.

  1. valor-class-1-full-depth-gas-fires

    Valor Class 1 Full Depth Gas Fires

    6 choices
    From £509.98
  2. valor-class-2-slimline-gas-fires

    Valor Class 2 Slimline Gas Fires

    8 choices
    From £219.94
  3. valor-balanced-flue-gas-fires

    Valor Balanced Flue Gas Fires

    3 choices
    From £773.98