Typhoon Vortex 50mm Self Cleaning Shower Waste


Typhoon Vortex 50mm Self Cleaning Shower Waste

If you’ve ever spent time with a sink plunger trying to unclog a shower which simply refuses to drain, then you’ll immediately appreciate the benefits of this typhoon vortex shower waste. Unlike a traditional shower waste which allows the water to drain straight down, the design of this shower waste forces the water into a whirlpool, which means the shower tray drains more effectively and won’t get clogged up. This whirlpool effect is strong enough to deal with flow rate of up to 36 litres a minute, so is a great choice for even the strongest of power showers.

Value For Money

You’d expect to have to pay far more for a cleverly designed item like this which will save you all of the effort of cleaning and unblocking the shower, but that’s not the case. This waste offers outstanding value for money and will fit into any standard 40mm outlet in your shower tray. In fact, you’d probably spend more on a sink plunger to unclog your traditional waste.

  • Extra quick flow rate - 36 Litres per minute
  • Self-cleaning and un-cloggable
  • Chrome plated ABS flat grate
  • 40mm horizontal outlet, to be glued or fitted together
  • Adaptor supplied
  • This item starts to drain upon a 15mm head of water


Typhoon Vortex Self Cleaning Shower Waste

With an ordinary waste water drains from the tray through gravity, with a vortex waste water gathers in the tray to a certain level where the waste actively sucks the water from the tray in a whirlpool type action.

CE Approved

Typhoon Vortex 50mm Self Cleaning Shower Waste

£9.97 (Inc. VAT)

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Typhoon Vortex 50mm Self Cleaning Shower Waste Reviews

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4.8/ 5
17 reviews
  • Ryan Landry
    5/ 5

    Recent loft conversion allowed for installation of en-suite shower room due to limited space and requirement to get good drainage from shower. Installed this with ease to stone resin tray works well at removing the water. Best bit no moving parts.

  • Miriam Landry
    5/ 5

    The trap is quite shiney plastic. The center grill lifts out so you can get hair out, great if you have long hair like me! We use it with a shallow profile tray and it clears the water well.

  • Ali Myers
    5/ 5

    This is great with the shower cubicle that I bought, the shower is still going stronger, I have now had it for just over a year, and its fab.

  • Kristopher Kennedy
    5/ 5

    Well what can I say about this shower waste. It works really well in our wafer thin shower tray. Drains water away really quickly.

  • Serena Howell
    5/ 5

    Does what it says, I had my doubts at first, but it always drains the water away quickly and no unclogging has been nescessary.