Triton Unichrome Dove Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

Triton Showers

Triton Unichrome Dove Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

The sleek Triton Unichrome Dove is a thermostatic bar mixer shower that’s designed to be minimalist and simple to use.

A bar mixer is a mixer shower that features two controls on one bar. One control operates the power of the water flow while the other operates the temperature. It’s a stylish solution to ensuring you can fine tune your preferred temperature.

This bar mixer shower features thermostatic technology. This will maintain a consistent temperature so that there are no sudden temperature rises or drops, making showering safe for the entire family.



  • Affordable.
  • Finished in a brilliant chrome that’s easy to keep spotless.
  • Separate temperature and flow controls. Each has an easy grip and coloured indications so you know exactly what you’re doing.
  • Thermostatic technology will ensure that the temperature does not vary more than 1.5°C of your selection.
  • Further safety is given by an adjustable maximum temperature which stops the temperature from being accidentally turned up too high.
  • Includes a height adjustable rub clean showerhead with 3 brilliant spray patterns.
  • Also includes a shower riser rail, hose, shower valve, and soap dish.
  • Covered by a 5-year manufacturer guarantee.


Technical Information:

  • Water entry points are located on the back of the unit.
  • Uses ½” BSP to ¾” flat face union.
  • Minimum running pressure: 0.1 bar at 8 litres per minute.
  • Maximum running pressure: 5 bar.
  • Maximum static pressure: 10 bar.
  • Complies with BS EN 1111, 1287, WRAS and TMV2 standards.
  • Can be used with high-pressure systems, low-pressure systems, combination boilers or gravity fed systems.
CE Approved 5 Year Guarantee

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Triton Unichrome Dove Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

Triton Unichrome Dove Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

Triton Unichrome Dove Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

Triton Unichrome Dove Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

£91.60 (Inc. VAT)

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Triton Unichrome Dove Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower Reviews

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4.9/ 5
55 reviews
  • Selsey
    5/ 5

    We needed to replace our old Mira shower and came across the Triton Dove on the Plumbworld website. The shower is very stylish and has a great contemorary look, also unlike some showers it is a all chrome product. We knew Triton had a good name and the product had a 5 year warrenty we had a good reason to try the Triton as we had the manafactures guarantee. The shower would be suitable for use on high and low pressure systems so you can rest assured if you are running the washing machine and dishwasher at the same time you wont get a slow drippy shower as the pressure stays consistent. A great feature is the adjustable max temp which does prevent the temp being accidentally turned up too high so no fear of a scoulding shower!

  • BriJen
    5/ 5

    The shower arrived on the promised day, securely and safely packaged. On examining the contents of the box I was pleased to find most items individualy wrapped in transparent material,allowing easy checking of quantities and condition of components. The build quality of the shower valve is amongst the best I have encountered. I am particularly impressed with the design of the shower-head, with the protruding silicon-rubber nozzles allowing scale build up to be removed by simply rubbing them with thumb or finger. To conclude, I believe this Triton shower is, pound for pound, as good as any on the market.

  • Giancarlo Gibbs
    5/ 5

    My husband has just finished installing the Triton Dove bar mixer shower as a replacement for an old Mira shower. We have completely replaced the bathroom, including tiles, and wanted a new shower which would be easy to replace in the future without disturbing the tiles. This type of shower is perfect for this. It was very easy to install and we are really pleased with both the look and the performance. I would recommend buying a support bracket though, which connects to the pipes, as this makes the bar valve much steadier and even easier to install. A brilliant shower - would recommend to anyone.

  • Ali Nash
    5/ 5

    After careful consideration of dozens of showers, styles, manufacturers and reviews I went for the Triton Dove Thermostatic - and what a decision!! Sleek, small, stylish and simple, and its works oh so well! Great jet patterns and easy to operate controls with wet soapy hands. The ultimate test is to get dirty, start showering on a nice hot, full blast setting and then get the washing machine and dishwasher switched sudden cold water, no change to the hot water, just a slight drop in pressure - the thermostatic feature is a godsend!

  • Bobbie
    5/ 5

    This shower is simple to operate, effective, easy to install and easy to use. It looks good too, solid rather than cheap and flimsy. Once you have set the temperature on the right swivel knob it is a quick twist of the left knob and the waterflows instantly. I would say though that the picture supplied by Triton is not how we have positioned it and our way, with the bar positioned centrally and the flexi hose running up behind the back of the bar makes it look symetrical and much neater. A great buy with no fancy add ons.