The Triton T80Z continues to be one of Britain’s best-selling showers due to its brilliant reliability, affordability and simply a great showering experience. This fast-fit version has all the features that make the Triton T80Z great, but it also makes installation a lot easier and gives you the flexibility in installing the shower in more awkward bathroom situations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and quick installation for a hassle-free shower setup.
  • A stylish handset complete with a rub clean showerhead and 5 joyous spray patterns for a personal showering experience.
  • Also equipped with a riser rail.
  • White and chrome finish.
  • A ‘low’ pressure indicator lets you know if there’s something wrong.
  • Great flexibility with swing-fit and swivel-fit installation – A cable terminal allows left and right cabling and fully reversible water let allows left and right connections.
  • A two-year manufacturer guarantee will cover you in the event of manufacturing defects.

Technical Information:

  • Power rating: 10.5kW.
  • These Triton electric showers require a mains cold supply to run.
  • Minimum running pressure: 1.5 bar.


CE Approved 10mm cable size

Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 10.5kW - White & Chrome Video


Technical Drawings

Triton T80Z White & Chrome Fast Fit Electric Shower 10.5kW
Triton T80Z White & Chrome Fast Fit Electric Shower 10.5kW
Triton T80Z White & Chrome Fast Fit Electric Shower 10.5kW

£94.78 (Inc. VAT)

More than 50 Available

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Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 10.5kW - White & Chrome Reviews

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4.7/ 5
20 reviews
  • Lez
    5/ 5

    This was a direct replacement for a old Dolphin shower unit and it was spot on, it hid all the old holes in the tiles the water feed was just in the right location and no extra plumbing needed the cables however fitted ok after a slight modification to the inner housing, just a 20,, hole and grommet, over all a great unit with ease of operation for the elderly person it was fitted for

  • Stephen Tew
    5/ 5

    The shower is great heats the water well and at a good flow rate. It is very easy to fit I had no problems at all. The customer service at Plumbworld is excellent I would recommend them to anyone and they will be the first company I look at for future plumbing purchases.The price I paid was also very good the cheapest I could find anywhere.

  • Griffin Oliver
    5/ 5

    As normal Tritan have come up with a great quality shower with quality workmanship. Able to enter shower box with cables and pipes from all directions too. Only complaint is the on/off swith has an orange light on all the time, could do with changing to a diffrent colour when operated.

  • Raymond
    5/ 5

    Very easy to fit. I used a pushfit connection, which worked very leaking. It is an excellent shower and I only need to have the power at half way on the second heating setting, so I get a very good water flow rate. I am very happy indeed.

  • Michael
    5/ 5

    to be honest I have this shower already and so easy to install I bought this one incase the other one fails on me and not used yet had the same one for maybe 3/4 years now and have the new one if this goes. yes crazy I know but hey.

  • Michael
    5/ 5

    to be honest I have this shower already and so easy to install I bought this one incase the other one fails on me and not used yet had the same one for maybe 3-4 years now and have the new one if this goes. yes crazy I know but hey.

  • Muhammad Cannon
    5/ 5

    I am very pleased with this product. After a lot of research on the internet, I found this to be the most economical. I was also pleased with the after sales service.

  • Nanna Eva
    5/ 5

    This is the 2nd shower we have bought from you, price, product and delivery are amazing, would not go anywhere else. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

  • Mark Bridgwater
    5/ 5

    Superb shower,looks good and works fantastic and so simple to use.Also the price was far cheaper by far than anywhere else.

  • Arthur Vowles
    5/ 5

    A really good shower that was easily installed. My customer was really pleased with the shower and the really great price

  • Kole
    5/ 5

    Order process was smooth and deployment was easy. Very happy, fit into existing feeds so an easy swap. Highly recommended

  • Joanna
    5/ 5

    Absolutely over the moon with this shower. .nice and powerful. .best shower I've ever had.

  • Eva
    5/ 5

    Another great purchase from Plumbworld shower fantastic worth the money first class service

  • Old Kernow Lad
    4/ 5

    Bought the Triton T80Z Fast Fit 10.5kW Electric Shower to replace an older and now discontinued Opal 2 10Kw unit. The footprint is similar to the Opal2 so the original two holes were covered so no need for filling, just two new holes to drill. Plumbing in was easy, using existing pipework and a new copper olive in the joint. Wiring was a bit trickier as it came in from a side boxing next to the Opal 2 unit and entered into the top of the original unit, so had to reroute it down and in through the bottom of the new one. Fortunately I could pull enough cable through the box section that it came in from so this may be something to be aware of when replacing a unit rather than a new installation. Once installed and professionally tested, works a treat, easy to use, and satisfied it was a suitable choice and replacement.

  • Aidyn Flynn
    4/ 5

    I bought this to replace an old T80Si so I already new it was a good, reliable shower. It's a simple job to fit with a variety of entry holes for pipework and wiring but I did need to re-plumb a little as the inlet connection now has a 90 degree elbow. I also had to drill new fixing holes as they are now in new locations but as it is larger than the T80Si this did not create any problems. In all, about an hour to remove and replace the existing shower. I was fortunate enough to already have a 10 amp supply in place. Unfortunately I could not use the new rail for the shower head as the fixings are completely different and it would have left me with 6 holes in my tiles to fill. Since fitting it has performed perfectly as you would expect.

  • jamjar50
    4/ 5

    Easy fit if the previous triton the T80Z replaced had been properly plumbed in. Otherwise its a straightforward job construction is adequate being solid enough but surprisingly light. Rigidity is fine good performance good flow, does what it says on the box.

  • Cordell Mcclure
    4/ 5

    Shower arrived quickly and within the specified time period. Plumber fitted the shower easily within 30 minutes replacing an existing shower. Shower works well with good pressure. Good value for money.

  • gt
    4/ 5

    the shower looks good and works well but the mouldings for pipe entry are flimsy and the screw fixing are very hard to line up if not on a dead flat wall we had ripple tiles

  • Barryw
    4/ 5

    I bought this shower to replace an old non electric shower and it was exactly what i was looking for at a reasonable price

  • Martin
    4/ 5

    I placed my order 2pm and got this delivered the next day at 10.30am thats a good service