Triton T80si Pumped Electric Shower 9.5kW

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Triton T80si Pumped Electric Shower 9.5kW

This pumped electric shower from Triton is designed to be used in situations where the mains water supply has a low pressure, is unreliable or simply non-existent. This means that a standard electric shower will be useless, but a pumped version can give you all the benefits that a standard electric shower would normally give you.

So solve your shower problems with this high-performance unit that is fed from your cold water tank, which is capable of being a little as 80mm above the shower unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Finished with a white and chrome effect across the unit, hose, riser rail and other sections.
  • Temperature control is handled by a numbered dial so you can easily fine tune your perfect temperature.
  • Select between economy, cold, full and medium power.
  • Features a ‘power on’ indicator and a separate start/stop button so temperature and power controls can be left as set.
  • Includes a variable 3000 series 3 spray showerhead.
  • Covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Technical Information:

  • Compatible with a cold water tank supply only and must not be connected to the mains cold water supply.
  • Minimum running pressure: 1 Bar at 8 litres per minute.
  • Power rating: 9.5kW.
  • Only for surface mounting.
  • Cable entry points are located at the top, bottom, and back of the right-hand side of the shower unit.
  • Inlet connection uses 15mm compression.

CE Approved 10mm cable size

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Triton T80si Pumped Electric Shower 9.5kW

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Triton T80si Pumped Electric Shower 9.5kW Reviews

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4.6/ 5
14 reviews
  • Davion Franco
    5/ 5

    We purchased this Triton Shower to replace an electic shower we'd had for over 10 years. The delivery was really quick, it was here within 36 hours of ordering! The installation went really quickly, easily and smoothly with the help of my daughter who is a qualified electrician. The shower experience is almost that of a power shower and i simply love it. Yes, the pump makes a noise, but who cares? It's not as if i am trying to sleep as i take a shower! I highly recommend this shower to anyone who has a cold water tank fed supply as you will get the best shower experience.

  • Kevo
    5/ 5

    Needed to replace a similar model and decided to upgrade on the power. Loving showers again as this really pumps the water through with a good pressure from the water tank. Also the pump is a lot quieter than the old one. Fitted really easy apart from a small airblock but the insructions enclosed allowed for that and a couple or tests runs and it was cleared. Would recomend this to anyone wanting a shower not off the mains. We have it seperate to our bathroom and have no worries about pressure changes from toilet flushes etc!

  • aro-rat
    5/ 5

    one of our properties is in a low pressure area using this shower from a cold water tank, as the existing Triton T80si Pumped failed I purchased this one and swapped over in 30 minutes. Great price which TLC could not match. Delivery could have been faster.

  • Layla Winters
    5/ 5

    Item arrived quickly after ordering. Price was very competitive. Shower worked perfectly.There was a slight leak in the pipe inlet but plummer rectifed this

  • Andy
    5/ 5

    a great purchase I was sceptical having low water pressure upstairs but this shower works a treat without going cold or scalding. well impressed.