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Providing a stylish cleaning option for all, these showers come with two different kW options, so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Ideal for those that need a little help using the shower, while also easily adapting to those who can shower independently, this is a versatile kit that is great for the whole family.

Using highly technological features such as thermostatic temperature reassurance, you can shower safe in the knowledge that there will be no sudden increases in temperature that could possibly scald you. Alternatively, you can use the Safe SetTM feature which allows you to set a maximum temperature, while giving all users complete control over the dial, so that you never have to worry about younger or older members of the family showering independently.

There are a lot of features geared towards those with additional needs too. Users with any kind of visual impairment will appreciate the audio feedback setting, as well as the tactile temperature dial which is boosted with soft grey tones, making it easier for everyone to decide which way to adjust it. Additional options include a grab rail for extra stability in the shower and a remote button which can be used outside of the shower, giving carers more control over their patient without compromising their privacy.

All this, along with an extendable shower rail, soft press buttons and looped lever handle, makes for a shower that is easy to use, so that life is a little bit simpler for all.

Shower Fixings Kit Features:

  • Thermostatic regulation for reassurance while showering, as well as a maximum temperature control.
  • Audio feedback and tactile controls for those with visual impairment.
  • Extendable shower rail and additional options such as a grab rail and remote button for extra assistance.
  • These electric showers come complete with all the fixtures and fittings required and able to connect to multiple entry points and pumps.
  • Two-year guarantee.

If you are attempting to adjust your bathroom to suit someone with additional needs, this shower fixings kit would make a fantastic option, accommodating them, as well as the rest of the family.


2 Year Guarantee



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