This Triton shower head is one of the best investments you’ll make for your bathroom. Changing the shower head on a Triton shower isn’t a difficult or a time-consuming job, and a new shower head often makes a huge difference to the speed of the flow and your overall showering experience. You don’t even need to get a plumber to swap the shower head for you; it’s simply a case of unscrewing the old and replacing with the new.

Variable Flow

These white shower heads have three options for water jets, and you just select the effect you want by twisting the head. The shower head is made from durable materials, and all you need to do to keep it performing at its best is just give it an occasional wipe over. The water jets are designed to be limescale resistant, which is a bonus for anyone living in an area where the water is harder. This is a superb value shower head which is an ideal addition to any bathroom.

CE Approved

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Triton 3 Mode Shower Handset White

£13.87 (Inc. VAT)

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Triton 3 Mode Shower Handset White Reviews

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4.6/ 5
8 reviews
  • Cedric Matthews
    5/ 5

    My old shower head was worn out,I kept having to get a pin and clean it out,but that did'nt last long. This replacement head was instantly better,it delivered a steady,more precise flow of water.The pressure was more friendly and seemed to go exactly were I wanted it to go.Instead of spraying off to the side, all the water was directed to where I wanted it to go. I was so impressed that I purchased another for my downstairs shower.The only draw back with this head was that it can't be stripped down and cleaned,but it seems that all the shower heads have this problem.Highly recommended.

  • Jazlene Bush
    5/ 5

    The showerhead does meet with my expectations and is better than other similar ones that I have used.It is of a great design and is a perfect accessory for my shower as that is also a Triton product.

  • Janet
    5/ 5

    great shower head to solve the hard water problem. Really easy to fit and you can get rid of the limescale easily with the rubber water nozzles. great!

  • Alana Cohen
    5/ 5

    We had purchased another brand that did not perform and we decided to buy the correct one for our shower. We are delighted this now does the job.

  • trix
    5/ 5

    Excellent shower head, easy to remove lime scale without taking it apart, best one I have had

  • Oldiron
    5/ 5

    The showerhead was easy to fit, looks good and works perfectly.

  • Austin Lodger
    4/ 5

    This head is functional and is fit for purpose.

  • Mands
    3/ 5

    shower head functions ok and does what it says it will do.