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The toilet is an essential part of any bathroom suite, ensuite or downstairs cloakroom. Just because it’s an essential item doesn’t mean you can go out and buy any old thing. Due to its high priority in the bathroom, you want to ensure you get the very best value for money.


Discover the perfect toilet for your bathroom

Plumbworld has collaborated with some of the best bathroom manufacturers to ensure we have a wide range of suitable toilets for sale. Our range will address any and all needs, such as taking into consideration your styling and space requirements. Our comprehensive range of toilets combine top-end build quality and clean, simplistic looks; ensuring terrific value without compromise.

  1. Close Coupled Toilets

    Close Coupled Toilets

    40 products
    From £79.00
  2. Toilet Units

    Toilet Furniture Units

    26 products
    From £149.00
  3. Back to Wall Toilets

    Back to Wall Toilets

    16 products
    From £74.99
  4. Wall Hung Toilets

    Wall Hung Toilets

    3 choices
    From £144.97
  5. toilet-basin-combination-units

    Toilet & Basin Combination Units

    2 choices
    From £189.00
  6. raised-cistern-toilets

    Raised Cistern Toilets

    13 choices
    From £130.93
  7. rimless-toilets

    Rimless Toilets

    13 choices
    From £95.98
  8. corner-toilets

    Corner Toilets

    4 choices
    From £79.00
  9. Bidets


    8 choices
    From £88.24
  10. toilets-by-style

    Toilets By Style

    79 products
    From £79.00
  11. Macerators


    37 products
    From £99.99
  12. bayswater-toilets

    Bayswater Toilets

    24 products
    From £56.29
  13. roca-toilets

    Roca Toilets

    29 products
    From £59.98
  14. twyford-toilets

    Twyford Toilets

    8 choices
    From £84.54
  15. Toilet Seats

    Toilet Seats

    80 products
    From £13.49
  16. toilet-accessories

    Toilet Accessories

    128 products
    From £9.50