Toilet Pan Unblocker 6ft (1.8m) Long


Toilet Pan Unblocker 6ft (1.8m) Long

A blocked toilet is one of the most frustrating problems you can have in a bathroom. It's not a glamorous job, and doing it wrong can lead to a horrible mess on your bathroom floor that's both going to cause damage and also be even less attractive to clean up. Thankfully there are some simple solutions, and the Monument Toilet Pan Unblocker is one that can sort out your blockage problem with minimal effort. Like all of Monument's tool selections, it's easy to learn to use and incredibly efficient in carrying out its job. You simply insert the unblocker (also known as an 'auger') into the toilet bowl via the tail end and turn the handle as far as it will go. You then turn the handle back in the opposite direction and the coil should grasp the blockage and pull it out. Keep repeating the action until the entire blockage has been removed. It's as simple as that, and it's high-quality construction means that you can rely on it time and time again.

  • Cleans WC pans and gullies of solid blockages
  • Barrel type head on end of 3/8" (10mm) spring
  • Ring on end can be used for attachment when not in use
  • Plastic bowl guard so it won't scratch the WC pan
CE Approved

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Toilet Pan Unblocker 6ft (1.8m) Long Reviews

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4.3/ 5
3 reviews
  • Rey Vazquez
    5/ 5

    Ordered, delivered almost next day and did the job!!

  • aro-rat
    4/ 5

    Works very well to clear blocked toilets, be careful inserting the metal end as that can mark the ceramic - wear gloves as its can get messy and have a large plastic container and bleach to hand to clean the rod whilst in the w/c after unblocking.

  • Kristen Hogan
    4/ 5

    delivery was prompt, not had to use the product yet thank goodness but according to the reviews it will work a treat!!