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Gone are the days of boring, leaky and lacklustre shower enclosures - instead, why not consider one of our top of the range steam shower cabins? Designed to bring a sense of the spa to your home bathroom, give your shower experience a boost with your very own steam shower, so you can get clean while also giving yourself a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treat. 

Find a luxurious steam shower cabin at Plumbworld

Here at Plumbworld, we boast an unbeatable steam shower range. All with ‘quick click’ installation, you can have your steam shower up and running in just a couple of hours, while the sealed design ensures the shower tray will be 100% leak-free. Not only this, but our steam shower cabins are packed with high-tech features, including adjustable body jets, touch control panels, built in sound system, essential oil infuser and ambient lighting, plus so much more!

There are many health benefits of using a steam shower, too, including: Joint and muscle relaxation, boosts your immune system, improves your mental health, speeds up your metabolism and aids weightloss, gives you healthy skin and helps with easing asthma pain. Read more about the benefits in our 'Beneifts of a Steam Shower' article below.


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  2. Insignia Whirlpool Bath Steam Shower Cabin Silver Frame Right Hand 1700 x 900mm - INS8059R


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  3. Insignia Silver Frame Steam Shower Cabin 1650 x 850mm - INS1057


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  4. Insignia Silver Frame Left Hand Offset Quadrant Steam Shower Cabin 1700 x 900mm - INS8059L


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What is a Steam Shower?

A steam shower is a shower enclosure that not only acts as a regular shower, but utilises steam to create a more luxurious experience. How does it do this? A steam shower features its own steam generator that releases a stream of steam into the shower enclosure, which is particularly well-sealed to protect against leaks and ensuring the steam keeps its maximum impact.

Steam showers make the most of top-end technology to give the experience they promise. Steam is released at the touch of a button, including digital controls that allow you to find the perfect temperature and humidity level.

What is a Steam Shower Like?

There is no shower quite like a steam shower! Combining a sense of the tropics with an at home spa, a steam shower is like giving yourself the ultimate pampering treat right in your own bathroom. To the uninitiated, steam showers might look more like a spaceship than a shower - many include customisable lighting colours, music speakers and various water jets, along with a digital control panel that only adds to their futuristic feel.

However, inside it is all about unwinding. At Plumbworld, our Insignia steam showers are available in a range of styles and sizes, so you can find one that you feel most comfortable in. Many also feature shower seats so you can take a rest and unwind. In a steam shower, you can enjoy the rainfall shower head or a more traditional handheld shower head, along with a separate steam jet and further body jets, which you can use to massage tension away from your muscles. 

Whether you want an invigorating morning shower or a way to pamper and unwind at the end of a busy day, a steam shower has a number of benefits. Read more about them below.

Benefits of a Steam Shower

Your shower is the place you go to freshen up. To invigorate and wind down after a long day. So why not go the extra mile in search of relaxation and get a steam shower?

To some, a steam shower seems a little unnecessary and something that should be ‘kept for the spa’ but it really isn't! We’re going to tell you about all of the health benefits that a steam shower can give you to make your life that little bit more relaxing!


back pain


Joint and Muscle Relaxation

There’s nothing worse than feeling stiff and achey after a long busy day or a workout at the gym, so what better to do than jump into your steam shower and let the steam heal your body. Steam increases your blood flow and loosens stiff and uncomfortable joints, helping your body relax and heal.

If you suffer from arthritis, a steam shower is an excellent way to help with the stiffness by relaxing your joints. We’re not saying it will cure your arthritis, but it will certainly soothe your body and help ease the pain.



Boost your Immune system

There’s nothing worse than catching every cold that comes around the block. That being said, regularly steaming will boost your immune system to help the fight against bugs. The steam increases your core temperature which is exactly what happens to your body when you get ill. It works like a defence mechanism to kill off invading organisms. By regularly using a steam shower it will get your body used to your core temperature rising, ultimately improving your health and helping you avoid the lurgy.

If you're unfortunate enough to catch a cold then a steam shower will also help you get rid of it much quicker by opening up your airways and loosening the mucus in your nasal passages and throat. It will also help to relieve swollen blood vessels.



Improve your mental health

Along with all the benefits for your physical health, a steam shower is also great for your mental health, giving you a warm and relaxing environment to breathe freely and relax your mind and body. When you relax it enhances the number of endorphins in your brain which are what helps improve your overall mood and happiness.



Metabolism and weight loss

Another fantastic benefit of a steam shower is that it can help you lose weight… no really! The steam makes you sweat all of your water weight out, which is a fantastic help if you’re on a weight loss journey or a health kick. Steaming can also increase your metabolism by as much as 20% by helping boost circulation, flushing out cholesterol and toxins from your body.



Helps Asthma Sufferers

Unlike saunas which are a dry heat and can cause problems with your respiratory system, a steam shower is a wet heat which is very beneficial for your lungs and airways. The steam will help open and relax your airway and lungs, making you breathe a lot more comfortably.




Healthier skin

Another wonderful benefit of a steam shower is that it will deep clean your skin. The steam opens up your pores and removes any impurities, making your skin healthier and providing you with a better complexion. 


To Summerise...

By regularly using a steam shower you will freshen your body and your mind, improve your overall mood and makes you look and feel your best. What more could you possibly want?! Choose your brand new steam shower by browsing through the ones we offer on our website. In different colours, designs and features we are sure you'll find the right steam shower to suit you and your bathroom.


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