Standard Toilets

A variety of stylish standard toilets for your perusal

Toilets are an essential part of our everyday life and it’s definitely something that a home can’t do without. But even though what we use them for isn’t exactly attractive, it doesn’t mean that the toilet itself can’t be a stylish part of your bathroom suite. Our range of standard toilets features a variety of designs, from sleek modern forms to traditionally detailed models. They’re available in different sizes too, such as space saving toilets that ideal for placement in small bathrooms. Whatever you choose, all are built with a quality to go the distance and give you years of practical use.

  1. Contemporary Standard Toilets

    From £49.97
    with 12 choices

    Contemporary Standard Toilets
  2. Traditional Standard Toilets

    From £89.97
    with 6 choices

    Traditional Standard Toilets