SmarTap Digital Smart Valves & Controllers

If you’re looking for a clever piece of kit that can control your shower and bath with a click of a button, then SmarTap will exceed your expectations. The clever technology learns and adjusts to your personal likes to ensure a perfectly indulgent showering experience each and every time. The sleek design of the SmarTap comes in black or white and features two shiny chrome buttons with a stylish coloured LED edge, making it a real design feature in any bathroom. Control your water effortlessly with a click and twist of a button, so your shower or bath is ready and waiting for you to step in and enjoy at your chosen temperature. The SmarTap learns how you like your temperature, flow rate, pressure and even the duration of your shower. SmarTap can also connect with a wide range of baths, jets, rain showers and hand showers with its 3 outlets, and can even be controlled by a voice command via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.