SmarTap Digital Smart Showers

SmarTap. The ultimate control over your showering experience, day or night.

SmarTap showers are packed with the cleverest technology to provide you with not just a great shower but the perfect shower. You can access control of your shower via any smartphone, switching it on and off whilst also being able to adjust the temperature and flow effortlessly. You can even take control using an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home Hub and voice commands! We’re so confident in SmarTap that we’re even offering a year 5 guarantee, giving you year after year of worry-free showering. Within the range we have the valves and controllers on their own or we supply full kits with shower heads.

For more information on the smart features available see below.

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    SmarTap Digital Smart Full Showers

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    SmarTap Digital Smart Valves & Controllers

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