SmarTap Digital Smart Full Showers - Round

Bring a sense of style to your bathroom with these SmarTap Digital Smart Full Showers with round shower heads and riser rails with adjustable round shower heads. The stunning shiny chrome shower kit matches perfectly with the shiny chrome buttons on the SmartTap, which comes in a classic white gloss or a contemporary black gloss.

Create your personalised shower or bath with the fantastic SmarTap system that cleverly learns and adjusts to your personal preferences. With a click and a twist of the button you can control how you would like your flow rate, pressure, temperature and duration of your showering experience and also select a time for when you would like it set up! You can use a range of baths, jets, rain showers and hand showers with the SmarTap as it has 3 outlets, allowing you to personalize your experience to the max. If you have an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home you can link it up to your SmarTap and control it through voice commands without even having to be in the bathroom!

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