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Let’s be honest with ourselves here; washing up is something none of us likes doing. If you do like doing it then we seriously have to wonder why. But back to the point. Washing up isn’t enjoyable, and it’s even less enjoyable when bits of food and other things that you can’t really figure out what they actually are start making a mess in the sink. If you just have a plug in the plug hole then all that detritus is going to quickly make its way down the hole as soon as you plug the hole. This can lead to blockages in pipes, which can end up being smelly and pricey to fix. But don’t worry, this product has the answer.

Slip your basket strainer waste neatly into your kitchen sinks plughole, push it down and fill up the sink. It will act as a plug while you wash up. Once you’re done, simply pull it up and let the water drain away. Anything floating in the grimy murk of washing up water will be caught by the strainer waste before it has a chance to enter your pipes. All you then have to do is pull it out and empty it into your kitchen bin. Simple!

It’s simple to install, simple screwing into 3.5” waste holes and it’s durable enough to last the life of your kitchen sink. The strainer portion is made from stainless steel, so the shiny finish will continue to look as good as the day you bought it.

For such a small price, you really can’t go wrong!

CE Approved

£9.97 (Inc. VAT)

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Sink Basket Strainer Waste Reviews

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4.6/ 5
13 reviews
  • Caden Curtis
    5/ 5

    I would find it difficult to wax lyrical over sucha simple but so neccessary an item, but it proved to be first class and the prompt delivery and price has put plumbworld at the top of the list should I ever need another peice of plumbing material, thankyou PW John Allatt

  • Mckinley Kennedy
    5/ 5

    This item is excellent value and perfect for belfast sinks. Fittted the plughole perfectly .NB! but will need to use Plumbers Mait to stop leakage due to belfast sinks being handmade. Would definitely recommend.

  • Deja Gibbs
    5/ 5

    Order placed on Friday and delivered the following week. Exceptional service from start to finish

  • Mr. T. M. Hardwick
    5/ 5

    Looked really good but was surplus to requirements (returned for refund)

  • Jez Fryer
    5/ 5

    Not a glamorous item but well made and fitted easily would recommend.

  • Howie
    5/ 5

    Great product, easy to install as a replacement.