Single Outlet High Pressure Digital Showers

Rear or ceiling fed single outlet digital showers for a high pressure system

For a powerful but minimalistic showering experience then you need to get a single outlet digital shower. These particular models are designed for a high pressure or combination boiler system which means your water pressure needs to be 0.5 bar or above in order to perform flawlessly. Digital showers are a smart version of a mixer shower, combining their stunning aesthetics with clever technology to provide a shower thats second to none. Choose between either ceiling fed or rear fed installation to get the best fit for your bathroom and pipework.

  1. single-outlet-ceiling-fed-high-pressure-digital-showers

    Single Outlet Ceiling Fed High Pressure Digital Showers

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    From £335.98
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    Single Outlet Rear Fed High Pressure Digital Showers

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    From £319.98