Single Outlet Ceiling Fed High Pressure Digital Showers

This fantastic range of single outlet, ceiling fed digital showers gives you a selection of stunning high quality showers that are bound to impress. This range of mixer showers, designed for use with a high-pressure combi-boiler system, give a powerful, invigorating clean time and time again. With LED digital displays, simple temperature controls and even the option for a remote control with some models, you can take all the hassle out of your daily ritual, as well as from the installation! The ceiling-fed showers and wireless shower controllers eliminate the need for complicated and intrusive pipework in the walls, leaving you with an oasis of calm both before and after installation. Treat yourself to a breathtaking, contemporary design to give any bathroom the touch of luxury you deserve. Flawless chrome finishes and innovative technology combine to create timeless masterpieces from top brands such as Mira, Triton and Aqualisa. Easy to clean and worth every penny, Plumbworld’s collection of single outlet, high pressure digital showers offer a single shower head with a modern look and luxury feel, for that showering experience you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Mira Platinum Digital Shower Concealed (High Pressure / Combi Boiler) with Controller - 1.1666.001

  2. Aqualisa Q Shower Exposed & Adjustable Head (High Pressure / Combination)

  3. Mira Mode Shower Ceiling Fed Digital Shower - (High Pressure / Combi Boiler) - 1.1874.007

  4. Triton HOME Digital Shower Adjustable Head with Riser Rail - Circular (High Pressure / Combi)

  5. Aqualisa iSys Exposed Digital Shower - Adjustable Head (High Pressure / Combination)

  6. Aqualisa Quartz Digital Exposed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) QZD.A1.EV.14

    Best Seller!

    Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower Exposed (High Pressure / Combination)

  7. Mira Vision Digital Shower Concealed- Wireless Remote Controller (High Pressure / Combi)- 1.1797.001

  8. Aqualisa VSD.A1.EV.14 Visage Digital Shower Exposed (High Pressure / Combination)

  9. Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower Exposed (High Pressure / Combination)