Shower Tray Riser Kits

Giving your Shower Tray a Helping Hand to Do the Job.

While a high quality shower tray is a requirement of many modern bathrooms, the things that keep it in tip-top condition are just as important. We have everything from wastes that ensures a tray doesn’t flood, splash backs that take the hassle out of tiling, filler kits and riser kits. We remain committed to supplying everything you need to create the perfect bathroom, even down to the smallest requirements. Everything counts.

  1. hydrolux-square-shower-tray-riser-kit

    Hydrolux Square Shower Tray Riser Kits

  2. hydrolux-rectangular-shower-tray-riser-kits

    Hydrolux Rectangular Shower Tray Riser Kits

  3. hydrolux-quadrant-shower-tray-riser-kits

    Hydrolux Quadrant Shower Tray Riser Kits

  4. hydrolux-offset-quadrant-shower-tray-riser-kits

    Hydrolux Offset Quadrant Shower Tray Riser Kits

  5. Universal 90mm Panel Pack & Easy Plumb Kit

    Universal 90mm Panel Pack & Easy Plumb Kit