Shower Towers

Bathrooms are all about elegance and luxury which our stunning range of shower towers offers in spades. Also known as shower panels, these advanced pieces of kit will transform both your bathroom and your shower experience into something you would’ve never dreamed imaginable. With aesthetics that you’d expect to see in a celebrity mansion and a wash that invigorates you like a spa-day; these showers make every day in the bathroom more memorable than the last. With a combination of body jets, handsets and overhead deluge – a shower tower really does represent a solid bathroom investment; something that offers both style and substance in a single package.

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Merano Thermostatic Shower Tower Panel Polished Finish with 4 Body Jets

Shower tower

Excellent product, looks very expensive and works a treat. Customer service and delivery were first class. Would highly recommend this company.

Mrs Muir

Merano Thermostatic Shower Tower Panel Polished Finish with 4 Body Jets

Accurate description

Good quality and one of the few that allows all jets and overhead to run at the same time. Not used yet but looks good quality

Martin Stalder

Shower Towers Explained Further...

The shower tower or shower panel gives the ultimate showering experience.

Shower Towers

They are essentially a mixer shower with a built in drench head, usually combined with one or more body jets and a handset shower unit. If you have a pressurized hot water system with access to virtually unlimited hot water and you enjoy showering luxury then this is the choice for you. They can also be used with a standalone shower pump, but go for 2 bar or even 3 bar if the model you want has a lot of body jets.


Pros of shower towers:

  • Ultimate showering experience
  • Body jets, drench head and flexible handset


Cons of shower towers:

  • Require a high pressure hot water system or a powerful pump
  • Expensive to run if you are on a water meter
  • May make you later for work
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